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unstable Mar 2015
I listened to you laugh, and it cracked my bones;
I heard you smile, and I cracked my own.
I've been living in a paradox where everything is you; every whisper, every mumble, every tossed out goodbye.
I've been living in a world where everything's a lie, and honestly, all I want to do is die.
I've had writers block lately but I'm trying
unstable Dec 2014
if you kissed my lips as passionately as you did my thighs maybe i would have believed you when you told me that you loved every inch of my tired body
unstable Dec 2014
I thought I was over you but then you laughed, you laughed and it left butterflies in my chest and me light headed.

Then the dreams came. I had dreams every night that we were dancing, we were dancing in the waves, and in our own adolescence.

But the stares made it worse. They brought back the memories. You spoke about me, you blushed. Your eyes connected with mine and I felt alive. I felt as if my world was shaking but it was okay because I had you there to stabilize me. Just like it used to be.

Although realistically, we're on different sides of the world now and your world is being dominated by a new ally when mine is still unfound. Your hers, to put it simply, and seeing you kiss her instead of me makes me want to *****.

You should be mine.
I could kiss the solar system into your back and write you poetry that will hush you into my arms, I could lure you to sleep with gentle hands and slight bruising but
I guess that's not enough
hi im darlz n im sad
unstable Nov 2014
even though you're not mine anymore i still get jealous knowing that you think of her before you rest

I still drive myself insane with thoughts of what you're doing

I still want you

It's been nine months and I feel like I need you

I want to kiss your dry lips and make you mine again

I want you to speak my name like I'm your own goddess and look for me in a crowded room

I want you

but you're hers

you'll never kiss me again or look at me with wanton eyes while you bat your eyelashes

but I want you to

I ******* want you back so badly
unstable Nov 2014
I broke your heart while wearing the bracelet my last gave to me and yet you still think my words weren't sincere
unstable Nov 2014
seeing you talk to her how you used to talk to me puts craters in my chest and makes it hard to breathe because even though this is **** to admit I think I love you more than I've loved before and I think I need your breath on my neck to help my blood flow through my veins
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