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Lahela Nov 2019
One day, you'll see me and wish you didn't say those things that you did.
You will feel sick because you look at me and feel jealousy, inspiration and awe - all at once.
The words that you threw at me in the dark,
behind your bedroom door, will become all you have left...

Your lies will eat you.
You now die inside knowing what you really are:
A pile of ****.

The truth is that you don't need to stay there,
you could bring yourself and your dirt.

You could learn to encourage,
change your narrative,
target your goal towards feeding Life...
Instead of opening a can of old ways and calling it
a meal for your family,
when it reality, what you put out has no salt.

My prayer for you is that you grow.
Even if all you did was tear me to the ground.
You showed me how the dark felt,
so I faced towards the Sun completely.

I became stronger...
I watered myself with my tears...
I called out to the Sun.
He gave me Life,
but you taught me how seeds can rot.

Listen, this is not a "thank you."
What I'm saying is that I love myself more now.
I know you didn't mean for me to find out.
I'm not saying that you're evil,
you're just more awful than I had thought.
Lahela Mar 2019
Conversations only happen in my mind,
my thoughts don't reach the surface to even
hit the air.

Bubbles only sitting and bouncing,
behind my eyes.

I want to ask you what you think,
but it wouldn't matter to me anyway.

So, I don't speak.

I'm wondering why
do you still keep talking to me?
Lahela Jan 2019
I'd rather be alone than be around people who only talk about how hard life is.

These people make cereal stale,
toast too toasted,
and make the rain seem like it wasn't invited in the first place.

I wish they would learn that the rain invites us,
and we should say "Thank you".
Stop listening to people who don't even know you.
Lahela Feb 2018
I'm finally learning how to be the very person I dreamed of being.
I'm learning that I am worthy of holding the stars,
and that breathing in the sky was exactly what God designed it for.

I lost myself a lot in the past year, but I'm back.
I am more confident in my purpose than ever before.
I am mentally and emotionally stronger.
I will not do anything less than the purpose I was created for.

You all may not be ready, but I am.
Lahela Nov 2017
Lies make you sick.
Laziness is a disease.
Lahela Sep 2017
We said I love you so many times
that I thought leaving and
forgetting wasn't an option
for us.

It took longer to separate ourselves because
every time I wanted to untie my heart from yours,
you held on.
And every time you were ready to loosen the knot,
I came back around...

We did this for a while.

You see, soul ties aren't two heart strings in a loop knot
You can't pull away and it'll. just. come undone.

We had to fuss. We had to cry. We had to go through what we went through to finally
Untie ourselves
from each other.
Lahela Jun 2017
You have nothing to say,
but you're always talking.
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