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Lia Nov 2017
you're the reason i stepped on the gas
in the first place
symmetry demands you be the reason
i pump the breaks now

let's roll the dice
baby needs a new pair of shoes
be my nina from pasedena  
i'll be your snake eyes
Lia Nov 2017
anyway i don't believe that feelings come from the heart, metaphorically speaking, because the heart is just a big blood sponge [squeeze in squeeze out] that just mixes up all your **** until you don’t even know what you really wanted in the first place but true emotions are half guts half ***** and a pinch of brains no heart involved
i want to get drunk and i want to drive into the desert where nobody can hear and scream my ******* head off until my throat feels like raw meat and then i want to sleep on the cold metal hood of my car and play punk songs from the ****** car stereo and wake up at dawn to smoke cigarettes (but daintily like a lady with a vintage cigarette holder) with you and pretend that the world has melted behind us and we’re all alone inside each other’s heads, your hand on my fishnetted knee, my face in your chest, with no need to speak or ruin the calm watercolor morning
Lia Nov 2017
well anyway the thing about punk music that i really relate to is the need to express base emotions
8 minutes
and the way that a lot of these artists try to change the world and make it a better place
7 minutes
i think that creative people always need an outlet for raw emotions
7 minutes
and i think that punk rock is a great way to express yourself and feel that there is absolutely no barrier between what you can do and what you shouldn't do
6 minutes
that's why a lot of punk artists throughout the years have done things onstage like cut themselves, *******, take drugs, etc
5 minutes
and i really envy that kind of artistic freedom and integrity
yeah in a way
3 minutes
i think that a lot of modern artists that are getting any attention are so plastic wrapped and over produced that they barely stand for anything and it's kind of hurting our society in the long run because people aren't being challenged to think for themselves
2 minutes
you have to go out of your way to find something that challenges your viewpoint artistically speaking
Lia Nov 2017
my whole life i've been waiting for you
i'm not psychic but
i used to dream about you before we met
i've missed you for as long i can remember

there's a myth that says humans once had
4 legs, 4 arms, & a head with 2 faces
they were torn apart & scattered
some people are lucky &
they find their other half

i think you're mine
i think it's Fate that we found each other
you always come back to me
i always come back to you
like magnets,
we're stronger the closer we get
Lia Nov 2017
i miss you so hard i feel it heavy in my guts
my thoughts of you drip down my thighs like syrup
i need you to come here & lick them off me
stop letting me miss you like this
red hot
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