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Ezinne Jul 6
Am sorry  I hurt you,
Am sorry  I failed to comfort you,
Am sorry  I ignored you,
Am sorry I failed to speak when I was told to,

Am sorry my faithfulness and loyalty weren't pleasing enough,
Am sorry I failed to fight back,
Because I wasn't brave enough.

But one thing am not sorry for,
Is telling you the truth.

Truth that you're rude,

And truth that you are of no value to me.
It hurts to be left out
Ezinne Apr 3
A face with a smile
Inside hope lies ,

A tear with emotions
Sets out a path with motions,

A room of truth,
held strong  with darkness

Fear told untitled as a lie,
Burning waves and forgotten cries

Men sing from a dark empty soul,
To hide reality and dream a fantasy.
Ezinne Apr 3
Before I want you
I have to need you,
Before I want your love
I have to be your number one,
Before I get to keep you
I gonna have to treat you like royalty.
Ezinne Mar 6
To my work I pour out my heart,
My soul starting to loose control,
My moments I spend quiet,
I long to stare into tomorrow.

Silent hours ,faster it passes me by,
Day and night, I wait for my moment,
Spring and summer, autumn and winter ,
None stopped to say hi.

I won't hesitate
I won't doubt
I won't worry about failing
I won't worry about falling
I was born for this
I am gonna succeed

No matter  how long it take,
It's just a matter of time.
Ezinne Feb 28
Left alone in a dark room,
Left alone to suffer in my own pain,
Hours I spend thinking,
Days I spend crying,
Months I spend regretting,
Years I spend dying,

Times often seems annoying,
Every second,
Every minute,
Every hour, every day,
My heart weaken,
My soul dying,
My body wilthering,
Am lost in my own mind,
Am lost in my own world,
Don't wanna be left alone,
Is anybody out there.

See I was raised in a way that nothing good comes from life,
I was to young to understand what it means,
Where hope is found ,there lies life
All that got me thinking,

Alone in this room left me broken,
Some days I was through with hoping,
Now my empty arms are open,
Alone waiting for love,

I burn like a fire running out wide,
I can't thank my stars because they all left me behind,
Another day coming to an end,
I guess am gonna be alone tonight  again,
I'll be waiting for love
Alone again.
Ezinne Feb 27
Stronger than superman,
Smarter than iron man,
Braver than batman,
He who holds the key to my heart.

You catch me when I fall,
You hold my hand and lead me out of the darkness,
An old,bitter and lonely soul,
You transformed to a new,sweet and happy soul,
This I say from the bottom of my heart ,
A model I look up to you as.

My sunlight in daytime,
My moonlight in night time,
I never want to loose you ,
Not in this would or the next.

Can you feel where the wind blows,
Can you feel it flowing through,
No day goes by and a thought of you does my mind not go through,
Can't live without my hero.

Whenever I need someone to talk too,
You're there,
Whenever I need someone to hold on too,
You're there,
You're someone i never wish to loose,
You're someone who owns a special place in my heart,
Forever I cherish you deep in my soul,
Ezinne Feb 19
Everyone longed to hear the thoughts of the sky,
And see the sun once again smile,
To feel the essence of life ,
Forever into the light they wish to dive.

But once again darkness overcame,
A sickness with no cure,
Fear black,
Blood red,
True love wanted by all,
For hope so far lost we fall asleep,
Into our dreams gone so deep.

Like a fire burning in the dark rain,
Trying to stand high knowing it would no longer shine again,
Suddenly she arrives,
Everyone looking up to the sky,
Joyful they laugh and play,
Slowly darkness fades away,
Slowly sadness goes away.

Bright to their sight,
Life again comes out to fight,
With the love of a mother,
The light becomes stronger,
Once again a small town is saved by the love of a mother.
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