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AJBusse Feb 2
Have you ever
Tried to eat something while you were crying?
And it feels like a stick of lead in your mouth
In between the sobs and tears?
Because me too.
And, I am so sorry my love.
Things will get better.
I know they will.
AJBusse Jan 29
I think it's cute
The way you bounce your leg
In a constant stream of your mind
I can see the thoughts whip through your head and heart
I think it's cute
Because I do it
I think too much
Way too much
But I know you do too,
So maybe,
Maybe, we can overthink together
AJBusse Jan 15
I love writing
I love that idea
Of just emotions and ink
With a pen
And a surface,
And writers
Can create worlds
Out of nothing
How magical is that?
AJBusse Jan 15
I value the little things
The way the sun bounces off trees
The way I smile when I get mail
The way dogs jump when you talk to them
The way people smile in crowded places
The way people drag their fingers across the spines of books
The way little kids go down slides
The way the air stings my throat in the winter
The way business owners call me "Love,"
The way people get excited when they smell candles
The way people dance when they eat good food
The way music sounds in good headphones
The way cats rub their faces on plants
The way hardcovers crack when you first open them
The way pages smell with fresh ink
The way your eyes glitter in the sunlight
The way you look at me
The way you love me
AJBusse Jan 15
Oh my friend,
This can't end well
Your smile sets my heart aflame
Your eyes rock my world
Your humor pokes at my lips
The way your laugh bounces
Makes my knees weak
This can't end well
My love,
This can't end well
For a thought of you is always in my head
My heart skips a beat when you look at me
This really can't end well
I'm not in love. Nope. I refuse.
AJBusse Jan 15
I think of your eyes
The way they look blue
From across a room
But the way they really aren't
Not even close
My sweet, your eyes are such a lovely green
They dance across mine as you smile
Oh do I love that green
With that layer of grey
Some call that strange,
Or dull
But they're so wrong
Your eyes hold years of joy and pain
In that deep green hue with a layer of grey
Oh do I love that way you look at me
AJBusse Jan 15
"Do you believe in love?" Asked the girl
"Yes and no," Said the coyote
"Love is beautiful," Said the girl
"But it is also painful," Said the coyote
"But aren't beautiful things worth pain?" Asked the girl
"That, my friend, is a question for the stars." Said the coyote
"I love you coyote,"
The coyote smiled
"I love you too."
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