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Sophia Feb 18
I asked my crush, Ethan, to Planetary (GO!) out with me....
I wonder what he'll say....
Some of you will get this reference. Lots of you will not. Its an MCR reference.
(And yes, I actually did this.)
Sophia Dec 2020
He's cute.
He's tall.
He has gorgeous eyes.
And a stunning smile.

Get yourself an Ethan.
(But not my Ethan)
Sophia Dec 2020
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself

But I love him....

So I'll live.
Sophia Nov 2020
That feeling you get
In your stomach
When your heart's broken.....
It's like all the butterflies just.....
Sophia Nov 2020
The truth is,
I'm crazy about you.
And everyone can see that.
Except for you.
Sophia Nov 2020
I defended you to them
I told them you were different
That you wouldn't hurt me ever again
You made a fool out of me
Sophia Nov 2020
Being blocked from your life
Made my tears turn red
You can't hear my screaming
As I beg and call your name
I yell for forgiveness
As I feel the heavy shame
As much as you were right
Your move on was too soon
By leaving my life
You took away my sun and moon
I bang on the keyboard
As I curse my own name
For I knew my heavy loss
Was me, myself, to blame
My body trembles in anger
My cries becoming airlessly silent
Not knowing if I will ever see you again
Has me so terribly frightened...
The other half of my heart
Is sadly, what you've taken.
Sophia Nov 2020
How Do You Really Know If You're Falling in Love:

You want to share your world with them.
They're always in your thoughts.
They become a priority.
You crave them.
You're ignoring other attractive people.
You're kind of freaking out.
Their traits become your traits.
You want to say those big three words.

Oh no.....I'm all of these.
Sophia Nov 2020
Maybe it was your laugh,
Or your eyes,
Or your smile.
It could've been your hair,
Or your voice,
Or your personality.
Whatever it was,
It made me fall
Pretty **** hard.
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