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Desyrae Feb 2019
And then all of the sudden
I catch myself smiling
And i think i know why
A short thing I wrote when i first met you
Desyrae Feb 2019
I stopped writing
Because the only thing
I wrote about was you

You filled my mind.
You left blue paint
On my yellow walls
Left notes
All over my desk
Left tears
In my carpet
You left marks
On the Windows

In paintings were you
In mirrors too
In books
And words
And letters
Were you,
I saw you everywhere

I replayed your record
More times than i should've.
I replayed your record
But you seem to have played me

I stopped writing,
Because my reality became my words,
My words became my reality,
You molded my thoughts like playdoh
And shaped them into knives.
You split my heart in half

YOU! Split my heart in HALF!

You... Are no longer present
You... Is no longer present

Was the reason I stopped writing
Reeled me in and tossed me back
Like a fish


Is not the reason I've started to write again

He is
He brought me up when she kicked me down
Desyrae Dec 2018
head over heels
for merely
a distraction
from my heart
Desyrae Dec 2018
your honey brown eyes
something I was
in love with
Desyrae Nov 2018
I love
His chocolate eyes
But it doesn't
Feel right
Desyrae Nov 2018
can't i just love
the one
i'm supposed to?
Desyrae Sep 2018
I dont miss you anymore
Thank you so much
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