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Tionna Nov 2020
Every diamond, had to first be a rock. And only after many years of sanding and polishing, did it begin to shine.
I was once asked. Why do I feel like I'm always someone else's stepping stone? Is that all I was ever meant to be?
Tionna Aug 2017
Two true hearts have been broken
So many words left unspoken.
Sad eyes like daggers in my heart,
Dreaming of a day when we dont have to part.
They say true love is hard to see,
But I feel it every time you are close to me.
My heart has been stolen,
My eyes are left swollen.
I can not fight alone,
I feel my heart turning to stone.
Before you walk away from me,
I am begging you to hear my plea.
I am asking you to stay and fight with me.
I can no longer ask you to stay because of the words you chose to say.
If you choose to go I will understand, but I really wish you would just take my hand.
So I turn to the lord and pray that you can feel my heart reaching out to you. Hopeing you see that my love for you is true.
Our situation is far from ideal, but it is my heart that you did steal.
I am dying inside without you, my heart screaming out to you.
I need you to stand beside me and believe that one day we can leave.
Believe with me that our hearts are so strong, that we cant possibly be wrong.
Tionna Jul 2017
This world is outrageous! Like the plague it's contagious! Such hurt and pain! It's all such a shame everyone only looking out for their own self gain! In a world like this it's hard to even try when everyone you have ever met has made you cry. You can feel the fire burn within you. But in a world full of oceans it's a miracle to ever find someone with who you can share all of your emotions. When suddenly out of nowhere someone reaches into your soul and you loose all control. Like an avalanche in the mountains your walls start crumbling to the ground. Suddenly this person reaches into your soul with no fear of the flames. Then out of no where this world suddenly doesn't seem so cold. They are the oxegyn that breathes life into your soul! Like a high speed chase your life speeds out of control. A beautiful chaos. The perfect storm. The rain pours and the thunder roars you can feel the surge of power tingling on your skin giving you the strength to open your eyes in the darkness once again. They are the lighting that sparks your fire giving light once again in this dark world we live in. Like a river that meanders it's way to the sea. You are letting out all your secrets even the untold. You float your way through every valley with each hill only making you stronger. They encourage you as you stumble along. You finally realize that with them by your side you can pick up your stride. You pick up your pace as the wind flows along your face. You finally start to realize this world isn't such a hideous place. You remember the beauty that is only pictured in a children's storybook. Their love gives you reason to keep reading till the very end.
  Jul 2017 Tionna
Chelsea Rae
Please I beg of you

That no matter how hard it gets

Or how misunderstood your heart becomes,

Do not let this chaotic world turn
You cold.
Please don't allow yourself to become as hard as ice.

Let yourself forgive and forgive and forgive.

Don't fight love,
Let it in.
Keep your fire.

Holding back just slowly makes you like the rest of them.

What kind of world would we live in
If we didn't have people strong enough to show people
That love and only love
Is what keeps the rest of this freezing world, warm?
Love is life. Love is warmth.
  Jul 2017 Tionna
she's got a broken smile
for a broken heart
she likes to hope
her brokenness
is a work of art
lost in herself
she cannot breathe
around him, around her.
too many people
who aren't falling apart.
a broken smile
with a broken heart
her father says
she's a work of art
  Jul 2017 Tionna
Sydney Carter
you said you loved me,
a single lilac among others.
prettier, you said.
sweeter, softer.
you loved my delicacy,
sense of solitude,
my endearing growth.
sprouts whither,
and I find
myself asking
why must you
always turn back
to smell
the roses.
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