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chrishasacamay Aug 2021
I hate to remember you
in every songs that i play.
In every movies I've watched
or even in every poems that i wrote.
I hate to remember you
but every time i do, i feel so alive.
I hate remembering you
but my heart knows
it's still beating for you.
chrishasacamay Jul 2021
Stare at me once more
and I'll definitely sink,
with that deep-sea eyes and an angelic smile.
'Cause in this crowded room
I'd still look at you the same;
too many people tonight
but i only want to wrap your hands in mine.
So I'll step closer and closer till i get near you.
Till my fingers touch yours
and we'll pretend we don't know.
Were stealing glances with each other,
O' how i wish we were something more.
chrishasacamay Jun 2021
A beautiful adventure
yet a perilous one.
Some days are joyful
some nights are despairing.
It's a bittersweet,
unpredictable quest.
So in silence i write--
In silence i rhyme.
Here's to thee;
Life in poetry.
chrishasacamay May 2021
I am a poet
and i don't cry.
Shallow thoughts won't impress me;
I won't deny.
I am the wind that blows in a deserted land.
Incomprehensible--hardly anyone could understand.
I am a poet
and i bleed on paper
I am a poet,
and a poet writes forever.
chrishasacamay May 2021
I like things that keeps me guessing.
Things that are beyond my comprehension.
Things i cannot understand at first glance--
and things that would drag me down to a bottomless pit just to quench the thirst.
I like you because...
I found these things in you.
chrishasacamay Apr 2021
Don't cry for me.
Forever your memory is my companion.
My image will soon be vanished through years;
but don't agonize--
for i am still here.
chrishasacamay Apr 2021
Mama, i killed someone--
I cut her throat and drowned her to death.
She stabbed me several times and so i choked her.
Mama, im afraid;
will they know i am the murderer?
I buried her body somewhere not far.
Now dead men tell no tales.
Mama, i killed someone--
I killed her in my poem.
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