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chrishambolic Apr 29
I could wander the world in search of your love,
But i am certain that it's something only you, have.
I could write you thousand of poetries to accompany you with my words,
If it means seeing you smile, then this is to remind you of your worth.

My love, i dream of us to live in a small town,
Where we can a build a family and a playground.
And when night came we can stargaze outside while the fire keep us warm,
In our tiny house with cats and dogs running around our little farm.

The life you deserve is waiting ahead,
With no loud noises but instead,
A home for us with full of surprises,
We'll create memories in different places.

Take this poem as a promise and a vow,
Marry me and a "no" is not allowed.
Months with you is too short and not enough,
Be with me 'til eternity, we will live in paradise, my love.
and this one is for my love, i love you baby.
chrishambolic Mar 2022
And how strange it feels
To be caught by someone I've never met.
I yearned for love,
And you gave it to me for a little while.
I could listen to you all day.
Your laughter drives me to another world.
Late at night,
When everything else is dark,
Your voice is my light.
Every time you whisper my name softly,
Inside of me,
A garden with butterflies unfolds.
If this is love,
Then I'll have this for the rest of my life.
chrishambolic Aug 2021
I hate to remember you
in every songs that i play.
In every movies I've watched
or even in every poems that i wrote.
I hate to remember you
but every time i do, i feel so alive.
I hate remembering you
but my heart knows
it's still beating for you.
chrishambolic Jul 2021
Stare at me once more
and I'll definitely sink,
with that deep-sea eyes and an angelic smile.
'Cause in this crowded room
I'd still look at you the same;
too many people tonight
but i only want to wrap your hands in mine.
So I'll step closer and closer till i get near you.
Till my fingers touch yours
and we'll pretend we don't know.
Were stealing glances with each other,
O' how i wish we were something more.
chrishambolic Jun 2021
A beautiful adventure
yet a perilous one.
Some days are joyful
some nights are despairing.
It's a bittersweet,
unpredictable quest.
So in silence i write--
In silence i rhyme.
Here's to thee;
Life in poetry.
chrishambolic May 2021
I am a poet
and i don't cry.
Shallow thoughts won't impress me;
I won't deny.
I am the wind that blows in a deserted land.
Incomprehensible--hardly anyone could understand.
I am a poet
and i bleed on paper
I am a poet,
and a poet writes forever.
chrishambolic May 2021
I like things that keeps me guessing.
Things that are beyond my comprehension.
Things i cannot understand at first glance--
and things that would drag me down to a bottomless pit just to quench the thirst.
I like you because...
I found these things in you.
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