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Purcy Flaherty Oct 2022
The infinite answer.

There is no end, only new beginnings!
I suspect that infinity is almost as small as it is large, though I feel a little bigger because I know how very small I am ...
I suspect there's none, one, and more than one infinity; simultaneously disappearing and reappearing like quantum movement.
Solaces Mar 2017
I will meet with you past the stars..
On the other side of twilight..
Intertwined and slowly unraveling all at once..
A light awakens within us simultaneously..
This is where we meet past the stars..
Because during this time there is no light, there is no darkness.
We are just past the stars..
Then we return..
Just to go past them again..
Going slow is better than going fast..
Intertwined and slowly unraveling all at once again and again...
Simultaneously not one at a time..
Baylee Sep 2015
Sitting in the local coffee shop,
Listening to coffee shop songs,
Doing work but simultaneously
Watching people.

Studying psychology,
Of the abnormal type,
Watching behaviors,
But not reflecting inward.

Sipping hot coffee,
Burning your mouth on it,
But trying not to react.
Someone across the cafe saw you; ****!

Studying people,
Drinking coffee nonchalantly,
Watching behavior,
Reflect inward, ******.
Reflect inward.

— The End —