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staying afloat in the fog
seeking drops of light
Poetic T Mar 2016
Let us fade in to the eclipsing moment
Of loves evanescent makings.

Fading beats signal the moment that love
was entwined in a unconditional definition.

If we had doubt that we would walk fingers
grasped in eternity ours never parting now.

We walk the ether a consummation of what
love meant that none would ever influence

Our intentions even though we are motionless,
In death our love walks on in the wisps of eternity

We still are clasped hand in hand our love walking
upon the clouds of where love carries always on.
Lexi Smith Nov 2015
Who are we,
When the lights go out.
When everything is dark,
And no one is there.

Who are we,
In the dead of night
Where there is no light
Just the sounds of broken dreams
And of the screams
Of the people who cry

Who are we,
When the parents are screaming
And the children are fleeing
And no one acts as a human being

Who are we,
Behind closed doors.
When the only thing is gore
And nothing else is left anymore

Who are we!?
What have we done with our humanity?
Why doesn't it fit into society?!

There's havoc and war
People so poor
No one opens their doors
No one helps.

Riots for rights!
This isn't right.

So I ask!!
Who are we?
Can't you see
We need to be
The key
To save this destroyed society?!

There's inequality
People sold as property
They are
And killed.
People's choices are being stolen!

And we sit by
Doing nothing to help.

What is this?!
A game of hide and go seek with our humanity?!
Well guess who is winning?
No one.

We need to drop our pride and yell Olly Olly Oxen Free!
Who cares of winning?!
What we need is to have them back.
We've gone too long without it.
We're desensitized and that's
Our mind getting fed lies.

Either that or we need to run and chase as fast as we can to find them.
We cannot sit here.

Wh­ere are we when the teenage girls are screaming, and getting snatched up?
Where are we when the homeless man is getting beaten in the street?
Where are we when there are hate crimes against other races or people with other ****** preferences sometimes resulting in violence and even death?
Where are we?!
Why are we hiding!?
And why,
Are we motionless?
Prepare to be entranced
by symphonic sounds
acuity and beauty
displays of pique
explosions of profanity
evocative waves
of love and adulation
restrained tones
profound as shadows
crossing a motionless road.

— The End —