Mel Nov 2017
So there's this guy

I find peace in his vibes
I find true love for him even through my disguise

My several failed attempts to hid my love for him
Show me just how much I truly love him

He makes me feel like the sky's the limit
when I get down and limit myself to my surroundings

He has taken over my mind
24/7 my Thoughts and dreams are now filled with my 75 and 8

If only he could see my thought
If only he could read my mind
My 75 and 8 why are you so blind

We say were just "bestfriends"
He is my bestfriend
Maybe one day we can be more than "bestfriends"
but I do not know my fate
so I'll just sit and wait on my blind 75 and 8
Savannah Feb 5
To be embraced in the abyss's
empty-hearted hold
and flinch at the caress
of a foreign hand
is truly
and admittedly
a painfully pleasing hurt

You leave me in this kind of
horizontal existence
one where my fingers
dance atop my desk
and my conscious mind
is polluted with perfectionism

How to desire and despise
hate and hunger
for you
Please be mine
for the rest of the eternity
for I could never feel so apart
yet so together
with anyone else
Thanks for reading
Lauren Leal Sep 2017
So what's behind this door
What? Could there be more?
Fuck it lets see what's there
Every once in awhile I'll pull your hair
Out of the waters that you drown with no care
Hmm walking talking waiting for the next call
Leading us to the lair
Like we don't know at all
That there's a miscommunication
But we'll treat it like a simulation
We'll keep working in the dealings
Finding another reason to deal with the feelings
Camron Chlarson Jun 2017
You make me hungry
Let me try again

We sat and watched
Walked and touched
Stood and kissed

I promise I do more than just sweat

Oh I wanted to apologize
For breaking your stuff
For being flakey
For the way the universe spun our destinies in an inexplicable, individual intersection rather than a permanent, parallel path.

AND I wanted to thank you
For all the funny videos
For being my crash course
For your thoughts, your consistent focus, your dependability in a GOD FORSAKEN world at the times I needed clarity and all I could see was the back of the lenses made to help me see farther

Tell me, does this sound like a goodbye?

Let's just be genuine like we always are

I dig you.

I don't want to be the one to bury you.
I know a good amount of your scars and I don't want my name on one of them.

Not one

So before we do this,
before we commit
to this perishable product and it's ever approaching expiration date.

Let's be genuine like we always are

Tell me it won't hurt. Tell me you can take it. Tell me... The truth?
Is that what I want?

I thought I wanted the truth. Now I only want it if it's not what I expect.


is that what I'm trying to say?

I'm a sucker for surprises
I mean
Aren't we all?
Don't we all
Need a good shock to the system every now and then?
And that's all you've ever been to me

So you'll tell me what I want to hear and call it the truth, harboring ulterior motives.
And I'll buy into it and call it acceptable, thinking, "things have changed" "it's different now" "this can work"
You can make a man lie to himself so easily, you know that?

Not really

What is it?

You make me hungry
Let me try again


Not again
Felicia C Jul 2014
Letting go of a round shouldered man who wanted to change my signature means touching the slimy parts of my bloodstream ink jar heart.

It means peeling back the window shade to smash the glass pane eyeteeth of my youth.

And remembering the key to unhinge my jaw tension voice sans stones and lacking sweetness.

It means saying goodbye today and releasing my ribcage parakeet hands to catch my own thoughts.

I am through with placeholding promises and biting through backwoods in order to forget the pieces of strength that I love so much.
February 2014
Jo Beller Apr 2014
It's hard to imagine the sand
at the bottom of the glass hourglass quite yet

It's painful to look at myself as a timer, like I am just being used by the world.

But darling,
every time your chapped thin lips kiss mine,
it seems that my hourglass is shaken up rather brutally,
and i get another chance, just to run out

— The End —