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Lane Bohman Nov 2017
One sip
Of your poison
Just one fix
I'm walking out the door.

I can't do this any more.

Oooooh but the Devils
calling me by name.

Oh It's so inviting,
I can never win this game.

The cycle is vicious
It never remisses

Bittersweet renditions,
Of the time I had it beat (?)

Fooling myself

too many times,

How much shame is on me?

Can't you see I'm grounded?
Weighed down by my heavy heart?

Not long before
I figure out what's coming next.

You got what I want
(You got what I need)
Can't stop holding on
(I love our toxicity)

Caught up
(In our lust)
With no chemistry
(Can't stop holding on)
I love our toxic energy.

Around and round we go
(I start to wonder)
where did our love go?

She's in my veins
(Ooh I'm an addict)
Shooting up her perfume
the one habit I can't break
I won't shake

Over, under, in-between
(Stuck under your nail)
Give me
just a moment with your scent
I love the smell.

*Im fading away
Addiction, personification
Lane Bohman Nov 2017
Everyday it's the same game,
And goes by the same name

"running in circles for your love".

But really,
you're not worth the effort
(get this through my head)

Think you're hot ****?
But really,
We both know better
Hide your blemish

But really,
keep the scarlet letter.

I swear I'm not bitter
But really,
I don't mean to blame.
but really

Girl I don't even hate you
But really,
I'm Just feelin' shame
But really,
(Im just getting played)
Getting played, cheater
Lane Bohman Nov 2017
What can I do to get you alone?
Make my move,
play it cool

You know how it goes~

Wander the town,
(Wondering about;)

"Am I on your mind?
Wastin'my patience baby,
Please don't waste my time."

I ain't lookin for love,
I ain't lookin for trouble
just some time,
you and I
Talking under the covers.

Maybe some one on one?

to get to know you better?

Maybe between the sheets?

Make you moan
and get you..

Then we start to move,
then we get to groovin'.

Hips sync to the beat

Past the peak

We're still climbing

Nowhere left to go

This dance is all we've needed

Feel the rythym flow
We'll take the night
and share the fever.
Courting, teasing, intimacy
Lane Bohman Nov 2017
Back street of where I'm from
Love the music,
and the air.

This funky taste
I can't get out my mouth
I want,
I need.
I'm begging please?

Round the corner,
where I grew up.
This girl I'd never leave.

She lights my fire,
weakens my knees,
an evil woman
don't stop, won't stop.

I get this feeling
(I'm bout to blow it.)

My pulse is racing
(I've got to know.)
I'm begging baby,
wont you distract me?

(Running down the way.)
Hand in hand,
(I'm your man)
I'd never leave you,
(nowhere to go)

You're my spirit, soul.

(frozen in time)
Makes me think of you,
in my life.

and I could not care less

*Just fill my lungs
with your hot breath.
Addiction, personification
Lane Bohman Nov 2017
I start to realize,
I go about things all wrong
(Pardon my musings)
But in my music
I will be strong.

Question my reasons,
(Oh Question my all.)
So full of questions
Cause all my answers
seem to be so wrong

"Try for a moment,
Hear what I have to say
My heart pleas-

"Cry just to show it,
I care in so many ways

Back again on the road,

while my heart sounds

Cruising on empty,
no plans to slow down

Where am I headed?
I'm stuck in my head

No room to go back,

no time to relapse.

Where am I headed?
stuck in my head
And I can't lie,
And I can't hide.

How do I embrace the change?

Speak the truth that's in my name?
The need for change, the blinding kind of pride
  Dec 2015 Lane Bohman
The world needs more lovers
With rose colored glasses
Forever worn
With glass hearts
And stoneless hands
With roses growing
Down their spines
And stardust
Coating their lungs
The world needs more dreamers
With centuries in their cells
And galaxies in their bones
With fiery passion
Boiling their blood
With trembling voices
And wonder in their eyes
With music in their souls
And freedom on their minds
The world needs more you's
Who are more than a number
And are wildly outspoken
Who have an insatiable lust
For knowledge
Who love endlessly
And dream all day
Who search for the beautiful things
Only our hearts can see
Lane Bohman Dec 2015
By you
I'm bitten,

I'm not kidding.

How you got me,
Don't stop
Darling, won't you stay?

Four score,
seven years before
Knock, knock
I'm knocking at your door

Make it so hard

to bite my tongue,

Lower my guard,
crumble at the sight
of your face.

Just one taste.

Cause I've been
Bending over
back and sideways.

Can't put out the fire,
Wish I could deny.

This girl,
Brings out the beast in me.
I wonder
If this Wild heart
will spark my defeat.
Oh this girl
could be the death of me
I resolve,
to never self sabotage.

Second time around,

Maybe I'm too proud.

But your lips
they keep me wanting,
***** hips

You won't stop flaunting.

Just a moment with you,
(But you never let me through.)
smile then fake it
Just enough love
To keep me baited.

But then
she said, she said

"baby it's too late,
there's no maybe
I've give up on you
There's nothing left to do."

"My bags are packed
I'm gone tomorrow,
for what you lack

it brings no sorrow.

I've given up on you,
there's nothing left to do"

Every little rhyme
And every reason.
Colors of the year,
And every season-
Pales to all my fears,
scared what's in the mirror.

Oh, I can't take it.
Can't take it no more.

This girl,
Brings out the beast in me.
I wonder If this Wild heart
will spark my defeat.
Oh this girl
could be the death of me
I resolve...

**What can I learn from this?
When you both promise to not catch the feels but you do, and she doesn't.
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