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Greg Muller Feb 2020
Plush cushions for a wood green hut
Indigent, arrogance, and Omniscience

Learned counterpart owned the seats
Grey, humble, Shamen

Pure fear, unmoving in his discourse

Pure love, uplifting in his seat

Time calls for action. Was he willing?

Yes--preparation inside the wood tree hut.

Inside the young man’s mouth
Chewed a taste of bubble gum worn out

For one hour they waited
Sitting comfortably, and waited

Blood Red skinned Demons peel off the roof
Razor Talons swinging
Razor Talons scratching at our young man’s head.

Our shamen waits, unmoving, calming, and encouraging

Inside his breath was a spell.
To calm, and quell any foe.
A cool breath froze the winged *******
Sending them back to where they came

Time passes
A mind now healed like a band-aid covering a wound
His mind was pulled closer.

Our young man returned his eyes to the wood green hut
Seeing the old man, smiling for his own part
A street-wide smile was sent back
Leaving the seat he thanked him with complete
Love for each other, and all mankind
Thea, the goddess of the earth
Sits like a rock in her chamber of woven light.
The fortunate who enter here
Are blessed and tormented and burned and held.

They arrive knowing that they must make a sacrifice;
They do not pay in money but in tears,
In truth wrenched from the soul,
In accountability and naked raw awareness.

None who arrive do so lightly
But all who come leave lighter.
Their confusion unraveled through skilful enquiry,
Cut by a sharp silver sword of truth and knowing.

Enter - but do so with reverence and respect.
This is a place of healing!
Men and women are unmade and made here.
This is a poem I wrote about a healer I visit occasionally. It is always an extraordinary experience.

— The End —