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Mario Cervantes Jun 2018
Like a dream this story is very unclear where it begins but what is clear is The feeling of weightlessness. An endless  exploration of your mind and soul. A place that can't be described with words you would have to experience it for yourself. Today's a night unlike any other night today I woke up in a different body in a different world in a different time in space.

Yesterday I woke up running for my life. A chase that went on land and water. The thing that was chasing me was so much slower than I was but way stronger than me. The rush of adrenaline seemed to slow down time. As I got away he seem to get closer and closer. But luckily the future had advanced my biology enabling me to swing across buildings almost by second nature.

It seems I woke up to a future in which humans had evolved to hybrid. Our DNA took the best traits of any combinations of animals and , planets. There were no average humans left on earth and that's assuming this is still earth.
Why am I running for my life and who is this beast trying to **** me. I guess I have more questions than answers.

I guess I should wake up soon right, wrong. Why should I wake up I've never felt more alive in my life. I am being chased by a 12 foot giant that can move just as fast as me. And I felt invincible mentally and incredibly fast. I had no weakness no fears just confidence.

I've never felt this way in my reality. See In my old life I knew exactly what I was going to do every day and every night was exactly the same I was trapped. The only thing different is the mind control devices that surrounded me when I went to sleep when I woke up. Viral videos, social media that made me antisocial,political, virtual games it was the same every day over and over again. Prehaps the best thing to happen to me in two years was when my dog died.

The day he died I cried like a little kid of joy because I knew he didn't have to suffer anymore going through the same thing every day every time. The same food, water and backyard trapped forever.  Am I talking about the dog or me. I've never dug a hole who knew the roots of a tree could grow that far and deep. Was that experience foreshadowing my life somehow. Well I end up at the bottom of a hole knowing that there was the whole world out there for me to discover for me to live, love, and laugh.
In life we are given choices. I admit I've made a lot of bad decisions. Decisions that could have meant the difference between where I am now and where I could have been. Imagine walking on a tight rope and knowing every step could be your last. If life was the rope and the steps were choices. I’d probably be plummeting to my death right now. Our decisions whether you know it or not slowly shift reality and propel us on to different time lines. Different timelines means different versions of ourselves some more successful than others.

Everyone knows that if you go back in time you shouldn't touch anything because it could affect the future it's called the butterfly effect. So if the present is the past of the future could we cost A butterfly effect. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that the some impact we have today is the same impact we've always had in the past. The power to change the outcome of the future is now. We all dream of changing the world but change begins within ourselves.
✌️ If you read it and Like it  can you figure out how I wrote it?  Or where I wrote it either or?
Mario Cervantes Oct 2017
Forgive me god for that I'm a sinneR
I did some wrong I chose the good life of A WinneR
But the rope I'm walking on just seems to geT Thinner
And now I've fallen down I'm outside of youR KingdoM
But they won't let me enteR
I'm begging on my niecE
Just pleasE
Let me iN
I ain’t did nothinG
But that's when
God comes up to me anD
Says son you've sinneD
I've given you plenty of chances to do the righT ThinG
But you're not fooling anyone
that's when I
Hear my cell phone ring
In case u did read Kingdom of Heaven
Mario Cervantes Feb 2017
I was born inside the winter wind
The cold used to be my only friend
And as the night filled with sin
Shadows followed me with a grin
And a glare that pierced my skin
Within my bones would rattle
A frightened child thrown into battle
I was five and scared to death
Making clouds out of my breath
To hide in the fog that I had left
As the cold wind held me tight
I made friends with the night
Mario Cervantes Feb 2017
Let's build bridges instead of walls
More knowledge to beat the odds
Start teaching them how to crawl
Teach'em not to out run the law
If you need god give him a call
There's no first class to heaven
No coach seats to hell
No such thing as freedom
Don't ask and don't tell
A life that's uncertain
With dreams that turn stale
Sometimes you need to jump
Before they set you up to fail
Find out if you can fly
See what life has to unveil
Pull the curtain down from sky
You and I will soon prevail
If you fall then try again
Life's a ladder we all scale
Cause gold flows in our veins
While tears wash sins in jail
The reward is worth the pain
At the Heart brake hotel
Mario Cervantes Feb 2017
Heaven is a holy place a land of grace
Now check the bass as a smile fills my face
With dreams, hopes, goals of better ways
To slay and mold the world like Clay
I wish I had time to play but until that day
I'll look up to God pray hoping he'll say
"Open your eyes my son and finally see,
The inner workings that I plan will be
The roots to your tree, the key to live free
Iove instead of hate dreams to make you great
Await beyond the Gate".
Mario Cervantes Sep 2016
Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the  end of the world to come.
Mario Cervantes Aug 2016
Your the golden goddess
The fuel to the madness
That grows deep inside us
An Olympic flame so bright
That burns the rain all night
While I melt in your delight
Your eyes shimmer like the sea
So radiant it's hard to even see
You me let it be or set me free
Into a deep painful pleasure
Better than any hidden treasure  
So will you dare to adventure
Beyond the walls that segregate
Regret like fall in love instead of hate
I'll wait but what if tomorrow is too late
What if love had found you faith
Or has faith not found you love
Regardless just take a look above
As heaven looks down jealous of
The beauty the gold the grace
You're eyes you're lips you're face
Replace every star I see in space
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