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Shades of green
Softly flow as lucid dreams
A pristine gleam
Rising heights towards the light
Gentle tones as canes bow
The air parts through yellow darts
Our periphery unseen

Sharp leaves and strength condensed
Where short roots shape new shoots
Support structures or weapons of war
To create beauty or destruction
The choice be yours
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
on a napkin
in the fold
out of nowhere
written bold

on a napkin
soaked in pen
lost in wonder
wander in

on a napkin
plans and schemes
draw on dreaming
simple things

on a napkin
cloth and fading
all is forward
all are waiting

on a napkin
lost and found
almost forgotten
written down
Jennifer Buzzell May 2016
With hate increased,
My whole decreases
I can't forget, both of us once existed
Now, into a body too small for my big dreams, I'm condensed

In this empty room of mine
Telling myself repeatedly "I'm fine"
Moving silently, invisibly
In an endless mystery
Here comes the tears I cried from

It feels like I am the only one who live with this tragedy
It feels like they're all looking, but I don't want them to see
The inside of me
How am i suppose to be everything they except me to be

Like me , they are not able to abide
I wish that I didn't have to hide
Please come back, I need you by my side
You're the only one who can hear what i really want to say
So inside, days after days,
It stays
I don't know why it happened, why it had to be this way

It haunts me when I think of how it could have been,
When i'm questioning why this happened, what could this possibly mean
This is the questions that I ask
To live away from you is my task
But this is an impossible feat,
My life without you is incomplete
I feel like everyday that passes, I become increasingly erased
I cannot be related
Again, my fears have to be covered

I want to meet myself with someone else's point of view
So my mind will be anew
Oh so desperately, for the look inside my eyes
That I can't disguise

I battle the demons inside, ever since I were five
Keeping them alive
Do they really need to survive?
With incertitude, I ran away from all the pain
shattered soul I have obtain
Oh, so ******, it was clearly impregnated into my brain
Obviously stuck in my head
Am I just trying to prove that i'm not already dead?

I am so deep in my thoughts , i could die drowned by them
Anyway, I am nothing else than a name
Yes, truth just being told,
But I am not that bold
Look in the somber tones
Of these ghastly wounds
I am like you, a listening ear
Turning into rain of tears

If darkness is where I belong
Then why am I afraid?
If this is what I've become
Then what was the choice I made?

A chain links us together, but it's a little broken by the distance between us, and nobody seems to care
Who cares when a thought doth enter?
When I have all, except the power?
I can't dispel the intruder
I am all, except the master

I'm just scared that I might fail, afraid of trying
Instead of standing, I am waiting
I'm stuck in the memory of the past and now i'm screaming
The fear tries to swallow my soul, my tiny acid tears are dripping
Too much dominos behind me are falling
The only thing I can do now is counting the hours that doesn't have an end,
Wondering if the breaks will ever mend

The pain that you has seen in my eyes is now bigger in my heart
But it consoles me that you had a new start
And even if i'm always reflecting the past that I will probably never recover
So the pain that i feel because we cant be together
Even if the reflection of the past is here, Im so glad to hear you confide, however
Even if the past is just a reflection, don't forget that you can tell me
And i'll always love you the same Wherever,
crybaby911 Feb 2016
She breathed in the darkness
But illuminated light
Attracting others to her never endless heart  
Eyelids that uncovered stars
And a galactic, mysterious soul
Which was like the universe, ever expanding
A new kind of solar system
Thoughts that were ever so changing like the constellations
Connecting all her fractured aspects
A black hole
With an emptiness inner void
That pulled me in
A beautiful universe filled with its oddities  
So peculiar, yet so mesmerizing
You just can't help it
But to fall in love with her
Because she sparked light in the darkness
While her universe shrunk and became less condensed
And she thought that she was nothing
But in all her glory, she is something...

— The End —