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Nzangi Muimi Mar 8
As a distant recollection slowly forming,
A brick a mortar progressively building,
Thoughts, emotions, ideas clouding,
Maybe to be forgotten or worth remembering

To be wealthy and rich, why does it matter?
Maybe younger and brighter and smarter,
Would convince me to press the starter,
To question, to vindicate or disregard the former

The chase, the struggle is real,
Young, old, weak and strong, all with zeal,
As it rotates like unrolling the reel,
Life goes on, desire burns propelling the wheel

Cells wear out and brains boggle,
At the end always wins Google,
I am weak and strong and I cannot afford the struggle,
But I know I will win if I engage the full throttle

The distant recollection finally forms,
Reality dawns and the thrilling dream booms,
It’s not really a reality, it’s indeed a mystery,
Oh! And wait, it evaporates into nothingness!
What life is worth living?
Nzangi Muimi Mar 6
Get out live the life

Don’t mind the strife

Down the valleys

Do not leave your allies

Go up the mountains

It’s part of the trains

Give it your best

Yell out from the west

Man, you gotta try

If you don’t, on your deathbed you’ll cry

Knowing you had a chance

To win in the dance!
You have to make a decision one time or another. It's inevitable.
Nzangi Muimi Mar 6
Good moments in the earthly life

Preceded by tormenting strife

Feelings get mixed

Several issues get fixed

I am playing my guitar

In the late night watching the star

Grandpa in the lounge retired from the bar

This fond poet missing the spa

Childhood is far gone

Left out no one

Free am I to feel and love

It was last night I made the mad move

Three beautiful strong words

Move like double-edged swords

Piercing into my heart

I love you, I say, feeling the heat

Eager to see them return

Before life makes a U-turn

Like a steel door one stair up

You shut me up!
Nzangi Muimi Mar 5
I move in a speed swift,

Secure a corner in the lift,

Gravity on my weight surprise,

Seven seconds anxious no rise

Reaching for my pony phone in the bag,

Never hesitating to look like a prank,

On the screen your blank face gaze,

Standing amazed in a maze

Automatic flip opens the back page,

Two dreary decades seems the age,

A round royal yard yells the episode,

Enclosed by the fence lay the ode

The little log house,

Inner infested by mouse,

Yells out the past like a story,

This I watch from storey to storey

Of grumbling stomach,

Of weary nightmares a match,

Like struggling surrounded by the shark,

Reveals the dot, red on white a mark

Ten storeys above the earth,

I had stopped doing the math,

Glass doors slide breaking the chain immature,

In the present, a sight of a blossoming future
Nzangi Muimi Mar 5
Seven strides down the valley
Clear water flowing gracefully
Green grass growing in paces
Perfectly covering the whole space
Godliness evident in nature

Two souls of equal attractiveness
Fitting closely in togetherness
Like a tongued and grooved joint
Eyes fixed on the same point
An invisible force bonding us

Memories of the past
Makes my heart beat fast
Rekindles in me a sense of trust
My lips pour unto you the truth
A lifetime conception of the inner me

Use not your past life
To bring to your future strife
Stand on your feeble legs
Walk to the altar in white leggings
You and me, yes I do.
Nzangi Muimi Mar 5
I saw you in a dream,

Wondering through the green fields,

You were admiring the wilds,

Stunned by the sweet scent,

That the flowers sent

I saw you in a dream,

Hovering like a bird,

From yard to yard,

Me, you were missing,

The sound of your steps pleasing

I saw you in a dream,

Wearing a yellow dress,

You seemed to dislike stress,

In a scooter ride,

Looking like a bride

I saw you in a dream,

You were sitting beside me,

You left arm on my shoulder,

Whispers of love,

As our eyes move

6 a.m. in the morning,

The kitchen sink was frothing,

You were far in a wonderland,

It felt like a dreamland,

Opening my eyes, the dream was gone!
Nzangi Muimi Mar 5
In a throbbing pace, the river flows,

Enclosed by the fence, the cow moos,

Across the bridge, next to the rose,

Standing on the ridge, our eyes cross

Water in the falls, pounding perfectly on the ground,

At the foot of the walls, lay pebbles round,

Scouring the sand, nature depicts its might,

Like a man mad, I stand watching it right

In the hand a red rose, beatific grin like a bride,

Stormy waves rise, inviting you for a ride,

In a low voice, humming a tune,

Evidently rejoice, on the cliff I mute

Hands locked together, fondly folded,

Not minding the weather, eyes momentarily blinded,

Like a movie star, keen to avoid a hiss,

Ending the perceived war, response a soft fond kiss

Resting on the bar, holding the rail,

One leg on the spar, an incoming mail,

Dad restless in the lounge, sitting on a mat,

Anxious for the launch, on his bald a hat
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