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I may not know many other people
But I know myself
A life of solitude
Makes one’s self better known

I have a strong identity
I know what I want
I know my strengths
I know my weaknesses
I know how I think

I don’t know everything about myself
But I know plenty
Extroverts have more connections with others
But I have strong connections with myself

These connections aren’t always great
Sometimes I hate myself
My anxieties and overthinking
Pestering me
My inner demons
Clawing at my mind

I give them time to rage
Then put them back on their leashes
For I know how to keep them calm

I know myself
And even what I don’t know
I am willing to explore
we used the right words at the wrong time
we were kids, tired of our hometown
cranking the heater and writing poetry with our hands in the humidity on your sunroof
you'd kiss my fingers and talk about us
another us, far from here
where we had already spent mornings in bed that faded into quiet afternoons
I told you I'd miss you and we left the spaces between us as some kind of divine obliteration
I'm forgetting the taste of october
and you are learning how to brave the chill of december without the warmth of me
Somedays I get the urge to just snuggle something
Preferably someone
To be close
To be emotional
To be connected

People aren’t very snuggly
I’m an exception

Since no one else is snuggly
I just have to curl up by myself
And say I want to be alone
When in reality
I crave intimacy
He dare say…

With a smile on his face

And a look that

Has been captured in

Her heart for eternity

I am captivated

By your presence

I am drawn to

The reflection

In your eyes

And the shimmer

That dances across your nose

Under the moonlit sky

The rosiness in your cheeks

Strikes the perfect balance

Of sun kissed skin

And the afterglow of love

The way your body

Sways to the melody

Is a dance of

Sheer elegance and flow

And the smile that you wear

Brightens my every day


She dare responds...

With a twinkle in her eyes

And a sentiment that invites

Only more love and joy

My heart leaps

At the sight of you

My only desire

Is of your kiss on my lips

As you walk through that door

I treasure the man

That you are as

You stand in your

Masculinity with humility

And I admire your fearlessness

In sharing your deepest emotions;

You are the model essence of

Ultimate vulnerability and strength

You are all I ever dreamed of

And will forever be my love

Till the end of our days.

Stuck in a wreck

An unreliable body

A wise body

Depending on perspective

A body laden with needs and desires

A body who knows pain

Lies in discomfort and witnessed death

Like a fan fare plume of feathers

It is beauty for a time

Good in its time

Then simply succeeded by a more efficient

More appealing model

A vessel sometimes easily fooled

But a body that never lies

It sticks out like a nudist in the King's court

A gauge more clear than air, undeniable

"Listen to me" it sometimes screams

Sometimes whispers

A changing masterpiece

A weathered landscape

Our vehicle for now
Mine screams
Where oh where
could my little sense of humour
have gone?

Oh where oh where
could it beeee?

Last time I saw it wandering
trying to find a big enough bin
to put my emotional baggage in

Where oh where
could my little sense of humour
have gone?

Oh where oh where
could it beeee?

Lost among traumatic memories
It didn't enjoy my therapies
Dampened by big pharma "remedies"

Where oh where
could my little sense of humour
have gone?

Oh where oh where
could it beeee?

Sedated, it traveled slowly but far
and despite its growing number of scars
Still searched for truth in the bizarre

Where oh where
could my little sense of humour
have gone?

Oh where oh where
could it beeee?

I've been finding pieces among the trash
Funnier jokes asking to be rehashed
Of times of freedom, a big ol' stash

Where oh where
could my little sense of humour
have gone?

Oh where oh where
could it beeee?

Finally, happy to see me, we embraced all night
I laughed till I cried at it's clever insight
And now my friend humour and I write
Depression and the healing power of humour
Sabrina 2h
sometimes i think of the good days
when we were together
but then i remember
you left me for someone else
and i guess
we werent made for eachother
my feelings for you
are like a young child
with cruel fingers
poking at a bruise.

the sweet ache settles
and sparks with every
secret touch.
She was my everything all that I knew never loved
another Helen being my first love, my only true love, stayed that way to the end
It was Helen that taught me all about love for I knew nothing about It, for I'd never been loved until I met my Helen
For she changed my life and now she gone left life here forever, taking so much of me with
And what's left of me will forever be struggling to cope with the loss for my darling
Has left me to face life here all alone together forever but won't be In life but maybe the next
Helen tought me how to love for I knew nothing of love and had never been loved
Ellison 2h
Because I'm already full
With the thoughts of her.
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