you, my sun and stars, are in the mountains
while my head is up in the clouds

praying to every god imaginable
they bring you back safe and sound

his first road trip

You ask me
To go for a swim,
But you stand there
Treading water
As I drown
In the

© JL Smith

The shackles of society,
Placed upon us at birth,
A makeshift prison,
Man made for himself,
A cage of his own design,
Traps man,
And removes his youth,
As if some beast,
Is stealing away his life,
Some vampiric force,
Perpetrated by reality.

I miss her light,
She brings in this darkness,
I'll wait here by the phone,
With these stained curtains closed,
My walls are already dripping,
In regret and Revere.

I miss her light,
Heating up this cold heart,
Longing for those bright eyes,
Truly a work of art,
I just need a moment to apologise.

I miss her light,
I'll tell myself not to ride,
Down this road of infinite,
Into a world of terror,
If heaven or hell decide,
Which destiny I'll reside.

I'll still be here, thinking of you,
In the darkest of rooms.

A poem about regret!
Toby 4h

I feel myself drifting away.
There's nothing I can do to stop.
It always holds me back.
I can see the burden of others.
What it takes to be around me.
Why can't I just cut myself off?
No one would let me.
Just go back in my hole where I belong.
Let everyone forget about me.
Everyone's future looks bright, but mine.
All I know is that I will be alone whether you like it or not.
That's just me.
So stop feeling guilty and leave.

Thy lively prose and sprightly words disclose
Within a sweetness of eyes as fixed as those.
The flavor of your smile extends
Often to reject, but with love, it never offends.
To a poet thine eyes strike
Like the sunshine, they are so alike.
With a graceful ease void of pride
It hides any fault - if in you - you ever had any fault to hide.
For if to thy being some poetic errors befall
One look into those words and I’d have surely forgotten them all.

Doest’ thou know the beauty that I find in a single verse?
Let alone the many where my mind becomes traversed?
In unequal sentences measured in a peck
They shine like gold covering ‘round your ivory neck.
In these labyrinths - I am but a slave detained –
A mighty heart held within your slender chains.
So much to ponder in your imperial snare.
When all I ever needed was to know you there.

Let me breathe the breath that raises the fire.
Till we all fall together, never let us transpire.
To obtain and possess for each of us this prize.
The one I see when I’m lost within these cries.
If the powers can grant me but half of this prayer,
Then all the rest can fly to the winds dispersed into empty air.

Come now, my poet friends, secure this vessel that glides,
Fill it once again like sunbeams trembling across the floating tides.
Melt away the distant music that stole away the sky,
A deafening sound along the unwritten reply.
Please feel the smooth flow of the waves in gentle play.
Give me another smile to share with the whole world today.

Oh my thoughts of you are so tightly compressed,
I see the love tread softly across all the rest.
Summoned straight from some denizen's despair,
A lucid mastery of mystery, let it sail in to repair.
Soft underneath this shroud of death,
Let me feel your whispered breath.
Words flowing of the love we all bequeath.
We are many fluid bodies half dissolved in light.
Let us lose these garments erasing every mortals’ sight.
Our bodies given away freely in the words of a few,
Each of us lost in the other, the ones’ we always knew.
From every beam a transient color flings,
Given of life with our love on its wings.
Amidst the circle of life rides an ink filled gilded mast
With our hearts throbbing together within our task.
With purple pinions raised to the sun,
We raised our pens and shouted - we have just begun.

I wrote this upon having to go to the funeral of a close friend in poetry.

Quietly the sun
tiptoes along , dragging
her long orange veil

I love the morning sun especially in summer , she's always so quiet when she wakes and I love her orange glow it's so pretty x

Wondering how your life would be if you did not mess up
It is the epitome of my heart and what I can give
Scrapping pain ache at my veins but I dont stop
Not enough time to even feel like I live

Questioning if you even deserve being loved
It is the screeching screaming that you always hear
Looking down knowing you cant give your feelings a shove
But I am insane and that's okay because WE are

We were never an inch
closer; to what could have been.
A repetitive game of trying to reach
Is it my fault I spread myself too thin?

A close second to be yours
Thinking all the spaces were filled
You got me for two years,
all locked up and unfulfilled.

Done crossing the finished line
Came in last and unsurprised
You were never mine.
I went home with no prize.

This time I'm more certain of letting you go.

A history of the world is written on the softness of your lips
I can taste the age of your soul
Cultures and civilizations run deep in your blood
Your tears are those of loved ones as they lose a loved one in battle
Your laugh echoes in the halls of Olympus
When the gods hear it, they freeze
These gods are nothing under the pressure of your thumb

Your hair stands like a temple
Pillars and pillars sprout from your scalp
They whisper the secrets of the holy men that prayed for safety
As I did
It was my temple too
Alas beliefs change and evolve
The temple became deserted leaving me under the mercy of its toppling roof
All that remained of you is a ruin
These gorgeous pillars perished into rubble
Your ground was never this dusty
I tried to move your temple to my safehouse
But the demons that live there will not leave you at peace
They will take your temple and tear it down
Even the ruin is too dangerous to keep
"It must break" they say
And I can't tell if they're talking about a pillar or my heart

Bless your innocent soul for thinking I was someone worthy of you
Bless my naive heart for believing that I could guard your temple
But not only my demons, your demons were the enemy too
Both armies joined forces
Weaponry and machinery never used before in the battlefield
And all we had was a rope
The enemy tied the rope around us
Froze our eyes open
As we watched the temple kneel on its knees

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