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My words are hard to handle;
They shift and shape in time.
It's  cool to be rad,
To chill and veg sublime.

Some just reach and grab the crotch,
And twerk while in their ******;
Majorettes smile in knee high boots,
Flirting with the lenses.

Some other words come easily;
The ones used every day.
Texting's being phased out
With a smiling yellow face.

I have fewer words today;
This makes life hard for me;
The many times I write Love
Is nearing Eternity.

Yet isn't this all I need-
That one Eternal chord;
Love is love forever,
Never ending as the Word.
And what is "The Word"?
I love to watch you sleep, how at peace you are.
For only a brief stay from toil.

Perhaps you dream of taming lions or basking in your garden ? Or perhaps making love to your bride ?

I pray for one brief moment dream of being a man of sated need.
No more demand from ruler or man.
A free man of peace.

You will wake at tomorrow’s dawn to once more beat the workers class plowshares.

I love to watch you sleep.
You are nothing
That you don't have to be
You aren't some hero
Or menace to me
You are just you
And for me that's enough
I don't need adventure
Or drama or stuff
All I need is you
that's really all I want
No need of a prize
Or trophy to flaunt
You is enough
Even more than you know
I just wish it were something
That's easier to show
I'm thinking about you today and
I'm hoping your ok and
You're in my heart every day and I've so much love just for you and
My life is no longer dark
Because of you

And I cherish you night and day

And your beautiful smile
Takes my breath away

And without you
I cannot live and my heart beats just for you and
I love when I hold you
It warms my heart

And in my arms
You'll be safe and warm with me
And I'll hold your hands through good and bad times and
Never a day you'll feel alone because
I'll hold your hands forever eternity.
Lover's ❣️❣️❣️
Cibin 1d
With her eyes worried, she leaned in
"Tell me when you'll be back"
I didn't think or assemble how I felt
"An hour or an hour and half max"

I only thought of getting back to her after,
Every bone and tissue aching to be seen,
A sight only her eyes were allowed to gaze,
My precious lantern, I am yours,

The boy set on fire rushed to return,
A singular vision executed in one shot,
I wanted to, even then she was home,
Where my heart and soul were unchained,

I sit before you, legs crossed and never still,
Blooming from the ashes, I am alive and yours,
Oh how I wish to look upon you, my beloved,
How you must be yearning to hear me laugh,

Until then meet me at the field,
Where we dream fearlessly,
Where we go through it completely,
wanna be yours to you're mine.
heaven on earth.
a strange phrase for such a dreadful place.
i always ask myself, "what makes earth so.. peaceful?"
I have yet to get answer.
sitting here, hearing the rain drip down buildings and houses.
Maybe I can count to a thousand reasons why.
maybe I'm just delusional.
that word.
makes very many people happy.
but why not me?
am i afraid?
or am i just dull.
a planet we humans call home.
but are we really home?
questions like these keep me up at night.
heaven on earth.
why is it so cold?
honestly, I thought about this while my boyfriend is peacefully sleeping. I don't know.. maybe i think better when my partner is a ease. :)
Looking at stars in night
I think of you
Love fills up my heart
I read your poem
Maybe someday,
I will hold your hand
You will show me the world
I will cherish you
And you will lead me to love
It's on love and dreams
A free captive
Informed I don't know how to love or live
Only examples have been showbiz
Emotions in cursive
Not easy to forgive
No clear or ulterior motive

Rage and violence consume me
But outwardly
I'm cowardly and self destructively passive

Never experienced supportive
The consequences massive
I've been turned aggressive
Stabbed in the back, I supplied the shiv
Caustic and corrosive
This is no way to live

Anything good falls apart so easy
Troubles never leave me
Something's gotta give

Alone again
It seems.
Visions of you haunt my dreams.

Your rigged frame,
Locked in bed.
No sign of life
Through eyes of red.

Yet I speak,
And cry on your form.

As your breath become heavy,
My heart becomes torn.
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