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Life for the uninspirable,
the undesirable, poet and her foes
for deep within their tear paste hearts
a firey thing doth grows

anguished love, my lottery
my hatred feeds my Muse
und wasser cannot quench the thirst
from chasing after you
Madison 7h
He makes me feel so good
finally happy again,
love reincarnated
If only I could touch,
run my fingers along his skin
both of us filling up with excitement
Madison 7h
Cozy and comforted,
His words a calm breeze against her ear
Leave me not, my dear
For I am nothing
Without you

Come inside,
It’s far too cold for you,
Fragile skin exposed to snow
You and i both know
You want to come inside
Owen 8h
I need to go,
just disappear.
Im leaving
to a place of no fear
no memories,
or tears.
I may be gone for quite some time,
a couple weeks,
or months,
a year?

When I get back,
with my heart whole,
scars faded
new and old,
I'll smile again.
I'll laugh, and say
"I love you"
to someone new
whom I have come to know.
To new and true and honest love to come.
OJ Anuy 8h
My sweet love I want to call you soon
And tell you that you’re still my moon
Shining bright above the dark night sky
As the saying goes, the apple of my eye

I want to tell exactly you how I feel
And explain to you that this is real
Our time together flashes before my eyes
No longer, can this love disguise

Our future together I see it clear
A new beginning I know is near
Living for you, forever my dear
Whatever you need I’ll always be here

And I can only hope you feel it too
When you close your eyes and imagine the view
What the future will hold and who will be there
A life together we are meant to share
In a world of clasped hands
Please be the pair
That opens to me.
Deepali 9h
What was that? What exactly that meant?
When i sat there On ROAD, On BIKE, On GRASS, On PILLAR.
Just thinking about MY feelings?

What was that? What exactly that meant?
When she sat there On SOFA, On FLOOR, On STAIRS, On WINDOW.
Just thinking about MY feelings?

What about MY feelings now? What exactly that meant now?

Just thinking about Your feelings.
I meant it somehow and now...

Ill go from here.
And she would lay,
Just Acceptance!
That ill come home now.
Iam hurting you today a lot and also i have no idea what i want and even if i have an idea i cannot say that it will make me happy so... if its hurting you today it will definately hurt me tomorrow and one day it will all be just an acceptance.
Acceptance of broken love. You or him or pills.
Some fabulous hugs

haven't happened

for a while,

cuddles left in the cupboard

no word
from smile.

But like anything that has a destination of nowhere
there's always a glimmer of wonderful that stops the rot;

the saying of hope
starting to trot.
There he was, picking up your broken pieces. He said, 'You're a beautiful mess', so he tried to solve you like a jigsaw puzzle. But along the way he got confused, randomly placing pieces where he thought they would fit.

In the end, he did make you whole. Looked whole, at leastーfor most of the pieces were just forced into spaces they didn't actually belong. Out of frustration, he turned into an impatient child, scattered you into pieces again.

Then there you were, hoping he would attempt to reassemble you. But no, he did not. Instead, he just left. Leaving you exactly like how he found youーbroken.

Until one day you realized, he couldn't fix you. He couldn't make you whole again. He couldn't, because no one couldーno one but yourself.

At last, there you were, picking up your broken pieces. It would take time putting them back together again, but that's fine. You embraced yourself and said, 'Indeed, I'm a beautiful mess'.

"Shattered" Series
Uhm...not really a poem tho
Stolen stares as she passed by
the city lights and countless hues of
shadows departing by the cars slowing down
and fast — she can recognize and she can sense their beings.

Though there was some music playing back and forth,
she can still hear the gasp and woes of these
shadows passing by the cars slowing down
and fast — ghosts of the buried.

The road is brisk with its vivid pigments
of the city lights and the moon following every pace, even then the shadows keep on following her,
telling her to confess a sin
she hid so well — of buried and of a song
she wants to sing.

These ghosts keep on following her
in the city lights, they show their faces
and hid their remorses,
for she will be one of them soon
if she will not sing
her favorite song now.

She took out her notebook and penned
a note — of a deadly sin she must confess
to an angel and let it fly across his way
for she must live in freedom soon
and sing her favorite song.

In the same city lights,
there sat the man
of whom she loves, once was a ghost of the past
of buried regret and woes — maybe then if he
composed his song, 'tis then he will be free.

In the city of lost forbidden lights, there are two ghosts
passing by the cars slowing down and fast —
blind senses and dying requests to angels
for maybe then, they will be free from the burial
of the dead.
This is where lost lovers confess their sins.
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