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- - - 1d
a heart left behind
from a bracelet so blue
refusing to burn
along with the butterflies
proclaiming a love so true
a card of deceiving lies
no longer tormenting me
swept up the chimney
igniting a defiance
releasing the touch
of that pig on me
the smoke is heavy with desire
a tantalizing scent of honey
puts me off my guard
urgency is thick as we disrobe
I wrap my body around him
feel his heartbeat thrum safely
the fervor to once again
be joined and embraced
a chance at love
a whim, a muse
the air feels chilly
his hands ever so warm
the stubble of his chin
scrapes marks down my arm  
nibbles and kisses a cardinal sin
two pools of taffy drawing me in
shall I? shall we?
a timid nod and then the dance begins
Embers and coals, trust an inferno
bed shakes, ash flakes, post combustion
nose to nose the flames settle deeper inside.

He makes my eggs sunny side up,
His lips taste of honeycomb and toffee.
I love that the hearth is kept alive  
with his rumbling laughter
and when his eyes find mine
it is not a fire but a flint he is after.

— The End —