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SMS 15h
Toes pattering with pain
Arms swooping with love
I want to dance until it stops
Until my spins put me
Seconds before the world
Where troubles don’t register
And you can spin until it’s all over
Until you tip over from exhaustion
Breathing heavy and lost in euphoria
No thoughts, no need to hurt, nothing
SMS 1d
I want to run away and then wait
Patiently in a dark alley or corridor.
Wait for my demons to catch up
Embrace them and encourage them
To pick their teeth with my bones
  3d SMS
Daniel Ruiz
I can be a really skeptical person,
I don’t believe in ghost, and just think of weird things that happen as coincidences,

But, as flower petals magically float down toward my passenger seat, just before I close my car door.

I felt chills, as if memories from past lives rushed through my skin like electricity when you touch a Walmart cart.

Instant, waiting for a reaction.

And if that isn’t one **** of a metaphor,
I don’t know what is.
SMS 4d
Pretending that tomorrow
Will be better than today
Pretending in the future
You’ll actually want to live
Pretending some part of you
Actually really matters
Pretending you care about
Your self destructive habits
Pretending you want
To be better, to get better.
Pretending you’re normal
Average, happy, and content
SMS 7d
I sat looking for a four leaf clover
Wishing for some sign of luck
You messaged me and changed everything
Who says three leaf clovers aren’t lucky?
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