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Mia Feb 15
I'm in love with a ghost .
His name is hope .
Whenever he's near i become enlightned.
My ex sometimes appears .
He gets in the way .
He stricks me with fear.
He goes by depression .
Messing with my love is his obssesion.
Just when i think he ruined a good thing.
Hope has lived in my soul and he  spoke
"for eternity"
carminayasmin Sep 2018
he taught me, showed me vividly
that the most harrowing ache
can become the most beautiful masterpiece.

he put tools in my hands,
held them and demonstrated before me how
my throbbing cries my desperate grieving
can be carved masterfully into art.
I'm hammering and outlining and carving
each day,
I'll display it one day when I finish.

I just hope you'll see the day
carminayasmin Sep 2018
when I have it,
in pencil
I draw it all out perfectly on paper

-but then again you hold the eraser
and you vanish it all back to nothing
I wrote it all in pencil so I could erase it all one day before you did

— The End —