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What is season without cause?
And what  then is life without love?
To say seasons come and go,
would it mean love comes and go?
I am at a crossroad,
my love hangs in the balance,
my life in question.
Why am I who I am?
Am I a seasonal blast,
that comes and goes?
To say the least, what purpose do I serve?
I am burning, inside and out,
longing for immortality.
My bones are souless,
cringing for rest,
my soul weightless
with pounds of over-shaped flesh
I longed for slumber,
beautiful and dreamless
Life is a painful dream,
love a ceaseless nightmare.
The cycle of life makes
love an endless season,
it seems the purpose of life
has endless reasons.
Painful nightmares and ceaseless dreams,
it comes and goes as it pleases,
Leaving in its wake, a tide of emotions.
Jenny Gordon May 2019
Oh yes.  You ARE jealous--


Thou and thy hangdog airs!  In sheer betrayl,
You started it.  My brother told me thence
Who left?  and I said "...I don't care from hence
Cuz--(nevermind)."  So who is now to scale
'Non showing off that, erm, I do?!  In frail
Excuse for all this foolishness, whose sense
Has fueled this madness?!  Yours, for all intents.
Yet wherefore do we thus go on sans bail?
I swear, no sooner do I throw as twere
The towel in on this game, but lo, twon't do.
You're back in gear to circumvent my poor
Attempts at moving on.  You like me too?
No, that can't be.  But oh!  Tomorrow.  You're
What, eh?  Not jealous of my smiles, are you?

Okay.  *slams his door to let me know he begs to differ with my bravado that "I don't care about--" and: YOU win.
Jenny Gordon Apr 2019
Like my name tag?


Lo, all you see is lies.  I blink, fr'intents,
O ya, pretend I know and see t'avail
Past aught detail unto the truth, to scale,
But it's a nightmare, waking, sleeping--sense
Though half aware sees but this wasteland hence--
I laugh and jest with friends, yet joys are frail:
All's empty; hopes here corpses, and in pale
Excuse I keep on like it's not pretense.
Cling to the Scriptures as I drown in poor
Reply; forget, forget so I can smile on cue
And feign I'm not a shadow, not in tour
So empty.  Pray for dear love, failing to
See what I have.  LORD, if I weep, will't cure
What?  All I have is You, cuz Thou art true.

Now, having read these, there's nothing more I actually need to post of this month's work, despite all the pages and pages of it.
Jenny Gordon Apr 2019
...but here I am:  Miss Oscar the Grouch.


So pull your cat out of your bag to scale,
And I'll watch "*****" foot it, for a sense
Of all the tricks you like to show off thence,
Disgust you culled mine likewise in betrayl,
Cuz that's 'most what is left.  Her blonde detail
Crimped to effect, (and girls know girls from hence)
This sordid game two play sans tickets, whence
Let's play it to the hilt, swords drawn, t'avail.
If only I could listen to frogs' cure
For fevered brows, but it's TOO COLD.  Did you
Call in the weather to draw up as twere
What I should feel, playing me the fool anew
For love; or come, what gives?  Meow Mix poor,
I'm barking up no trees--um, are we through?

NOTE:  these sonnets I am posting finally--these first few, are literally the theme you'll see repeated as the hours and days scroll by.
Jenny Gordon Dec 2018
...with your beer-laden breath.

(sonnet #MMMMMMMDXL)

If owly-eyed is cute, then hug me hence.
But all I've got in suitors are in pale
Excuse, erm, rogues; these steal my kisses, frail
As aught retort, "you asked for it!" What thence?
Where did the fellows I knew for intents
Back in my youth go?  Why but scoundrels' scale
Of int'rest now?!  Why pray for love t'avail,
And find the LORD's forgotten me? oh whence?
Meet guys online???!  Yes, laugh so hard that your
Sides ache, and they are wicked like whom to
My face think having *** the fourth date'd cure
Our young relationship.  What shall I do?!
I pray, and rot away.  O LORD, why's poor
I ask for fruit, for children?  Hear me too?

Men's favourite query on eharmony is:  "Are you physically affectionate in relationships?"  So I finally retorted with:  "Do you wear your underwear on your head?"
Vikas Bhaneriya May 2017
She is like flowers

Or flowers are like her ?.

Curved lips of her

Or the rose petals.

Waving hair beneath her ear

Or the butterfly trying to settle.

Shining eyes of her

Or the waterdrop that scatters.

Sparking Earings

Or Sun's fragment that glitters.

She is like flowers

Or Flowers are like her ?.

My dreams break

As the Sun rises up from ground

I Meet to her

Or her thoughts, that surround.

Are they morning birds

Or her anklet that sounds

Has the spring arrived

Or she is somewhere around.

She is like flowers

Or flowers are like her?
I do lots of spelling mistakes, Please comment if you find any.
Prathipa Nair Aug 2016
Morning breeze awakens my veins
Rivers of blood flows with a smile
Pumping my heart faster and faster
Fragrance of your love nearing me
Taking me to a world of cupids
Why my dear
When laid I, my eyes
On you first ,
Heart mine
In my throat
An asylum sought?

Why my dear
When my ear
Fine-tuned got
To your voice
Out of me
I jumped out?

Why my dear
For instance
Your scent
Of a rose fragrance
I inhaled ,
Perched I remained
Than alive more dead!

Why my dear
Me when you first greet
My tongue
Oft adept
Twice as much
To reverberate
Panic gripped slept?

How then my dear
I to you
Me endear?
Pan,love elevated to deification
Ronald J Chapman Feb 2015
Too many miles between you and I,

Too many years separate our embrace,

I hate my fate,

Why out of all the possibilities,
Could I be born so far away from you?

So many miles,
So many years,

Away from your Soul and smile,

I feel like giving up myself
I let my second chance at love,
Pass me by,

I hate my fate,
I've been a fool, to wait! Too many years,
Before saying I love you,

But you don't have to worry,
I will always love you,

I have fallen in love with an impossible dream,
That will never come true,

I realize that I have waited too long,
Just because you are you,

I hate the path, fate has sent me on,
I realize you have countless loves, which travel with you every day.

When. They have left you,
I will always be here loving you,

I love you.

Copyright 2015 © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
Nickelback - Far Away [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Dileep Jul 2014
I breath your breath and saw in to your eyes and seeing you seeing me  made me and you one .
This is my first attempt . Opinions are welcome

— The End —