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Marina Aug 2019
For every word I read
makes up this happier memory,
for every kiss I feel
makes up my long absence is love.
i never felt so alive
Marina Aug 2019
She's like a light hearted wreak;
You don't seek nothing yet
For then, you see just her and a smile.
Open and she will be open.
eric smith May 2019
guilt me like a cancer
manipulate me like a taurus
if i was the first verse, you’d skip to the chorus
i tape glue and sew but you’re the one who tore us
ripped me into pieces and i made myself
something new
i recognized myself
you’re lost not knowing what to do
play dumb like a pisces and lash out like a scorpio
if you’d give me up for anything
it would be half an oreo
maybe four quarters or a dollar
but you could never change
had a heart for everyone but i was never in your range
impulsive like an aires confusing like a gemini
you my day 1 and i love you turns into there cant be a you and i
you “never wanna make me cry” but can never keep your **** dry
eyes red like im high
you “never want to say goodbye” but the second things dont go your way you fly
but you could never be the bad guy?
act out like a capricorn stubborn like a leo
how you beat yourself up but wanna be everyones hero?
your double life is really a triple
i should call you trio
if ‘paid in full’ was my life you would be rico
how my own girl crossed me?
then made it my fault that she lost me?
then told everyone she tossed me?
don’t care like aquarius outted me like a libra
you beat around the bush when i made it black and white like a zebra
how i told you tell me the truth and you made up a story
you cant lie on someone who loves you
and bask in glory
i paved the way for you and you act lost like dory
and i still found you
careless like sagittarius critic like a virgo
how you tell me to “never leave” but you go?
how you use the water you drained me of to grow
you’re not who your instagram shows
i see through you, commando
you cant flex on me if you know what i know
imagine believing in horoscopes. couldn’t be me.
Eleni Mar 2019
She is often misunderstood-
as a ****
as a strong lover
as a sharp-toothed romantic.

The fire in her eyes
does simultaneously,
warm and scare those in her presence.

If only they would see
The loyal
And the caring
The complex
And the daring
flames that light her floral face.

And she is healing too;
she shall soothe the deepest disorder
that plagues her grassy companions.

The sun beams echo her roars
which burn the skies orange in her blazing gaze.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
I am a lover

of beauty,
of words,
of animals,
of nature,
of life,
of death,
and of the chaos that life brings

I savor every moment,
be they bitter or sweet,
ripe or rancid

my heart guides me,
but I still try to use my head

but I am also a fighter

ready to risk it all at a moment's notice
for those that I believe in
I'm a nice guy

but don't **** with my pride
Liv Blaise Jan 2019
Burning and thrashing
your skin is melting into mine
your heart and your lungs a ball of fury
burning and burning
until they are gone
your bones falling to the ground
laid in a pile of misfortune
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
my confidence fading
my ego is bruised
so please excuse me
while I lick my wounds
don't worry, I'll come back every bit as abrasive and headstrong as ever
Yancey Jan 2019
Is it  worth it I wonder
Trying to look past the obvious
Going thru it
Over and over
Taking credit I feel
I don't deserve it
Was maybe once
Didn't see that you weren't
Genuine feelings no mistake I fell over
Learning nothing by looking at the cover
Hard time remembering
Repetition subtle hints
Left undiscovered
Selective memories
Hundreds of me I used to be
Countless others I'd never let happen to you
Situations not necessarily circumstantial
Always without words my end
Multiple choice
Was you I wrote in
Confused I'm not
I'll cut my ear off
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