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R Tolliday Feb 11
You won't know her by looking at a picture, and her words underneath
Or from a glance at a supermarket, or two, or four
To really know, some people spend their time taking chances
And I assume, some people think it's worth just letting go
That life is not like in the stories
But stories that were once worth telling

For me, she has to do something
Or vice versa: I have to do something
An action says a lot about one's heart
So I'll do things with love
Follow a path that is meaningful
And the one friend, of the few who've stayed in my life
Will be the one, and forever she'll have my faith.
R Tolliday Dec 2020
Today I'm making up for lost time
Towards my dream, years-long
The subject of many years gone resolutions
I've made only a tiny step, in comparison to others
But a step forward, nonetheless

I had to breathe, and unfolded into many different paths
I've had my trials, of consistent lengths, and had to clear those dark clouds
Today I stand on firmer ground
(A ground that I want firm for everyone)

The mountain of my work is tall and long
But no matter it, or the length of my stride; I'm moving forward again
Towards those things I love the most, and of which, the end's not certain.
R Tolliday Nov 2020
Beyond the strain,
Lies a beautiful city
Shopping malls, lights reflecting off surfaces,
whites of mouths grinning, connected
Bustle and sound
Comfort in this, as a youngster
Unseen by tall, eyes yearning for adventure
The store is a place for grown-ups, whom I'll be,
a millenium away

There was a world waiting, beyond adulthood
I'm able to take small grasps

I love being—at this age younger
I could run this surface of a shopping mall,
always find a new meaning at its end
And this is life beyond it too,
As I would only venture to see the lengths beyond this, from where I stand in there.
R Tolliday Nov 2020
A diet that makes you feel wrong
Should be healed
Most mind doctors should, selflessly
Carve this search into their shield.

And those of them, some who didn't suffer
Don't seem to mind
Forging youths' fear by their medicines
Of an unhealthy mind.

What is not known
What is not understood
To you, the sufferer, is bad
But it’s neither bad or good.

'Cause the future is fine
It’s about how you feel
Considering how you eat, among lifestyle things
That's the right way to heal.
R Tolliday Nov 2020
My soul’s in repair
‘Cause nature, I can’t mold with my hands
So I’m just watching them leave
While trying to find what’s wrong with me
As night looms, again...

In my life, night rules

I always see the truth when I’m facing you
Underneath our grand old sun; a new point of view
My soul dreams of you.
An older poem.
R Tolliday Nov 2020
His name is Saliue,
He's the king of ghosts,
He's braved this desert, alone, in a suit of armour
He's still alive,
With vengeance on his mind,
Against the gov,
Which took his love away!

He's still in there fighting,
But his fate's still unknown,
To forge his path through this desert,
He’d fight all alone
All for that one bright morning day,
Of his love seemingly so far away,
But if it's for love...

But if it's for love...

But if it's for love...

But if it's for love......

He will never die!
R Tolliday Nov 2020
Take me away,
Oh so far away... where I met you
You know I've been waiting this whole day through
I'm just finding silence, awaiting my indifference, I guess
But if I'm with you, oh, it doesn't matter
Nothing at all

Take me away,
Oh so far away from this place...
Didn't you know?
I've been waiting these whole days through

If I took off
I don't know how
Or if I really could
Peal across these hallways of daydreams
Where you left me waiting

Take me away,
Oh so far away from my mind
It's just been wasting, yet fretting all the time, and now
Every shadow burns into me, like I'm some bad melody
And if you're to save me
Who am I to talk?
You are the breath I hold

And if you're to save me, who am I to talk?
I've been waiting these whole months through...

And if you're to save me, who am I to talk?
I've been waiting these whole years through!

If I took off
I don't know how
Or if I really could
Peal across these hallways of daydreams
Where I left you waiting

And I can't wait any longer
I'll reach out, finally
And disappear
This will.
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