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KittenJesus Jun 2016
I'm tired of saying sorry
It feels like that is all I ever do
But it's the only thing that feels right
Maybe even tonight
You will be sorry too...
KittenJesus Jun 2016
The bruises
The cuts
The blood
All intertwining
to form my waist
all to form my hips
all to form my wrist
all to form my stomach
All to form me
KittenJesus Jun 2016
I waited all day for just a simple
And even that wish didn't come true.
So sorry if I am upset and make you feel bad.
But you deserve it, love.
Cause from now on.
I don't wish for
Your time.
I wish to be alone.
KittenJesus Jun 2016
Above the wall.
I can make out faces,
Smiling back at me,
But the second I try and pull myself over.
I am sent back.
Plummeting to the ground.
Reminded over and over.
That this imagine is nothing but a fantasy.
That it is only here that exists.
The Wall. And Me.
KittenJesus Jun 2016
Started shallow but got
deeper as the    
memories got
harder to
KittenJesus Jun 2016
Tonight I learened
What I really mean to you
That without me you would be like her (dead).

Tonight I learned
What really goes on
When I thought you were ignoring me (death).

Tonight I learned
What happened to you
And why you are thinking of leaving (goodbye).

Tonight I learned
What it means to be in love
KittenJesus Jun 2016
The fire began slowly
wrapping its tiny flames like pens around my ankles and wrist
silently growing by the inch flaming red
worked its way up my legs and arms.
Colliding with the others faster and faster by the second.
Consuming me in their thick ball of hate and hate.
Twisting around the last molecule of love and desire
buried deep, hidden out of sight, within the heart.
Slowly crumbling the trembling heart tearing into shreds within me.
Never to be the same again.
Now glowing
and shattered.
For all to see
KittenJesus Jun 2016
"Anxiety, Sorrow, Depression, Fear"

Written by 'Others'

Performed by 'Me'
look at your keybored
KittenJesus May 2016
You make enough small mistakes
everntually they build to make a wall
of mistakes that overtake
even the largest of all
KittenJesus May 2016
Many rely on Fate,
while others may be Hope,
yet she relies on hate of others to keep her stable.
She can't just see the world as a vary of rainbow,
for she is always disappointed with the outcome
so instead she envisions only the neutral
black and white
to keep her from drowning
in the world's colors.
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