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Astral Mar 2019
I promised you.
I wish I didn't,
I wish I could say something for you.
I want to be your voice,
But I know you don't want anything said.
And I want to respect you,
I just hope your voice is around the corner,
But until then I'll fight for you in silence.
I promised, and I won't break my promise.
(March 4, 2019)
I think,
The most pain one is not who goes,
But the one who left behind.
The one who goes left the memories with the left one,
And the left one is keeping the memories with the one who goes.
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
Why are you so afraid?
Who takes the courage out of us
and leaves empty pages on our doorsteps?

If you'd ask me nicely I gladly lend you my aid
In return just be as good as you allow yourself to be and thus
I promise silently to instead of one I'll make two beds

Inside of these four sides and many scriptless lines
My love's never quite sure how to call itself
I call her by the only name that I know
but know that it's not enough, not quite

If I wouldn't know better I would beg for your trust in these strong-rooted vines
All I want is to let me be me for the sake of myself
And hold closely and in full daylight my beloved stranger, reflected in fresh-fallen snow
For I'd never want to be ashamed of keeping a feeling whole and tight

Please don't ever let me lose my hope in a strangers mind,
it's all I got left in a world full of shallow familiars and quiet pretenders
Don't let me go stray and leave the path less traveled

Let me have
one hand that's tender
that isn't my own
trying hard to hold
on to slippery simplicity

And tell me why
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