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Klaus Dec 2020
Moonlit tarot tides-

Taking tricks, and trumping scripts.

  Nov 2020 Klaus
Warning! Keep out of reach of children

I'm like a child and
You're like a bottle of syrup
You're always out of my reach
Once I'll use others' negligence
I will guzzle you
I want to be poisoned with you

  Nov 2020 Klaus
Desert and Rain

I don't know which one is more eager to the other one
A desert which is cracked in the thirst of meeting the rain
Or the rain which puts its head on the cracked shoulder of the desert and cries
But I believe in one thing
My longing for you!
Is more than the thirst of the desert to the rain
And more than the appetence of the rain to the desert
But which one are you?
The Desert or the rain?
Rain on me or
Let me rain on you

Klaus Feb 2020
“Sunrise used the night's darkness
and massacred the stars in front of their mother's eyes (moon)

The court of the galaxy has sentenced him to death

You can watch the execution at sunset time.”


Sunset used the dusk’s dark, burnt orange
& beautiful breeze
to distract, and cloud
the court of her deceitful deeds

But a new dawn will rise
and the sun will shine a crisp, clear, blue truth through the clouds  
and the morning’s mist...

Case dismissed!!👩‍⚖️⚖️👨‍⚖️
A friend "Sunset" (from Iran, not a native speaker) wrote an incredible poem accusing/condemning the sunrise of ******! She asked for, but nobody initially defended

[Even though I do prefer sunsets... as an American we’re told all people are supposed to be treated “innocent until proven guilty” and that everyone has the right to an attorney and fair trial.] You choose who is guilty!
Klaus Jan 2020
Don’t hesitate.
Don’t forget to participate

If two things fit
That’s it!
This poem was made in tandem with an Iranian named Turtle
  Jan 2020 Klaus
On silken wings and silken strings
the garden doth awake
and from their beds those sleepy heads
their petals gently shake
a snail or two say how are you
as bumblebees take wing
to nectar sweet with sticky feet
as skylarks start to sing
a ladybug sleeps yet so snug
beneath a quilted leaf
her dreams untold as wings unfold
as earthworms crawl beneath
the ants at work refuse to shirk
they have no time to play
and cabbage whites like stars at night
take flight and fly away
the field mouse and wooded louse
attract the watchful eye
of tawny owl and feathered fowl
that own the morning sky
a homeward cat puts pay to that
no bird is fool enough
to try to land where danger stands
All teeth and claws called Fluff
so morrow breaks and nature wakes
and soon enough will we
but until then this land of men
is theirs so naturally
Klaus Jan 2020
Like the juice of June’s strawberries,

Your words gush through my soul
Breaking down all cells of rationale

but there is no sweet syrup
That can diminish the bitter taste
     of humility
& embarrassment
from these shaking lips

You make an old soul
  feel like a silly young boy
picking raspberries alone....
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