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Klaus Sep 2022
it’s a full moon tonight.
It’s a harvest moon

on this harvest moon, I’ve hurt someone I admire

I grilled, you brought the Bordeaux. You brought dessert.

On this harvest moon, I’ve hurt someone I admire.

I’ll try the tiramisu in the morning
Klaus Sep 2022
Getting high off of
All the times you let me down
Bitter ends linger

🎶 let down and hanginggggg aroundddd 🎶
Klaus Sep 2022
Scream into my mouth
Unleash your heart, and wrap your legs
around my brain

Klaus Sep 2022
Go on. As a dream.
My words, whispered into the wind.
Were you even here?
Klaus Sep 2022
I haven’t heard from you
and I’m glad

but because you’ve realized how small I am
  Sep 2022 Klaus
Roberta Day
Sharpening the mind
by living on the edge of
this stainless steel world.
For Klaus.
  Aug 2022 Klaus
Roberta Day
Savor it
Entwined limbs
circulating warmth
Lips sealed together
A misty evening,
thanks to the weather
Minds connected
Harmonious scents
from private places
Serenity among faces
Calloused hands
rubbing forever
A feeling I want
to last
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