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Subhojit Ghimire Dec 2018
I write...
- Subhojit Ghimire

I write
Hoping that someday my works get published,
Hoping that my hobbies turn into something amazing,
And thence I write to make my dreams come true...

I write
Not because I cannot speak,
But because I cannot speak as openly as I can write,
And thence I write to pour my heart open...

I write
Because it helps soothe my thoughts,
It helps keep my negativity away,
And thence I write to help myself...

I write
So that I can dwell upon what I write,
So that I can myself figure out what I think,
And thence I write to introspect myself...

I write
To put my old thoughts away,
And to gather some new thoughts around,
And thence I write to refresh my mind about...

I write
Because unlike humans,
Papers do not complain of what I have to say,
They keep listening to me patiently and yes, they get me,
And thence I write as that's the only thing I can do...

I write
Not because I can write good,
But to remind myself that at least I am trying,
I am doing something what others fear to do,
And thence I write to keep myself inspired...
I write so that my brain can exhale...

When the voice of justice is silent, evil will always triumph...
Marquis Hardy Apr 2015
Maybe I've seen the Notebook too many times, but the concept of 'If You're A Bird, I'm A Bird' keeps growing exceedingly less absurd.
And ever since I saw A Walk to Remember I've always wanted to name a star after you so there would be two of you, and so I wouldn't have to share the original with the world.
Or was it so you could see the light in you that I see everyday and not only at night?
Alas, I can't seem to remember, but I'm certain it was both.
I've never been in a warzone outisde of my own life, but you've saved me from more harm than any bomb or rifle could inflict so I am indeed The Lucky One.
Whether sitting in silence or drowning in chaotic clamor I remember the first time you sang to me, and I recall my smiling like a fool
Let it be known that albeit I'm not actively seeking death, if it may find me I hope for that to be my Last Song.
Oh, and my darling
let your suspicions now come to light,
for  I indeed have always had an ulterior motive in loving you-
in you loving me.
That is for our love to create a Safe Haven to return to when the world has seemed to drain us of the hope we awoke with.
And yes my love,
I indeed am a bird if that is what you are as well,
but in tandem do I vow to be your Guardian on this Walk to Remember through This Bending Road of life.
It was almost 6AM and I had not been asleep yet and had an urge to write something fun, meaningful and light. Thus this work was created! It is a piece using book titles from the romantic mastermind Nicholas Sparks! Cool huh? Haha enjoy, my friends.
Titles used:
The Notebook
The Last Song
Safe Haven
The Lucky One
A Bend in the Road
A Walk To Remember
The Guardian
Danziel Jul 2014
Inspiration please come to me,
I will lose it if you don't come to me
I wonder is it cause I hold the wrong company,
that makes sense that's why you run from me

Don't make me chase.... I hate to race but if that's the case I'll win first place
Inspiration do you hear me,
I said first place!!

I think you should really fear me
but if not that's seriously okay,
Someone just help me!
Who the hell do I have to pay  

-V.v.V. Ds
I was half drunk when I wrote this piece!
Danziel Jul 2014
I feel it burning inside my chest
This joy to let me know
I'm alive and I'm blessed.
I have done wrong
I must confess
I am not perfect
I am blessed.
He loves unconditionally
always forgiving.
That let's me know
My God is the best

-V.v.V. Ds
Danziel Jul 2014
Tear you've forsaken my ego and my face
Why do you make me feel so weak
It hurt so much like the burning feeling of mace

I don't appreciate how you make me feel like a hurricane
I 'm not in your category
Tear don't fall onto my chest
Cause you'll place my feelings into so much distress

I thought you adored me,
cause you sat there for so long
When you fell you blatantly ignored my plead
Why is it that no one has a care or a worry

Tear you are no better
but even you Tear
Why have you Forsaken Me??!!!!

-V.v.V. Ds
Danziel Jul 2014
Here I am
Always here
but I still feel gone
Here I stand
On both 2 feet
No I feel too **** weak
Here is my trust
protect it
That is a must
Here is sorrow
That I embrace
I wouldn't recommend 4 you 2 borrow
Here is fate
In which I seek
let me check up under your feet
Here is life
I don't want it
Cuz this ugly world
I know will continue to taunt it
Here is strength
In which you can't have
It's too late it already died
Here is death
It is the only thing that is left
Here I remain
All alone
To continue on and deal with all this pain
Here is joy
something I've never known
People damage it like a cheap toy
Here is the end
I've reached my peak
I am the pen, that just ran out of Ink

-V.v.V. Ds
Danziel Jul 2014
12/9/09 ·

Addictive like a Cigarette
More beautiful than the evening sky
So painful like a needle directly to my eye
I try to keep it together like barrette
but my feelings is a pitcher who throws it to the outside
Ur sweet
I wish I can stick to you like a fruit fly

I want to let u know how I feel
but if nerves can **** I'm already dead
Emotions all in pieces like a puzzle
I wish this can be said
I feel like a dog ready to bark
but my mind is my own muzzle

Your joy is what makes me happy
Still I have no joy
Head spinning like I just finished doing the El Roy
Never will I take u 4 granted
but not being able to speak
I'm slowly turning into a manic
In which it's a blissful form of depression

Cornered like a boxer
I'm ready to throw this bout
but seeing you in my corner
keeps me from going that route
I may have lost by the judges
Yet I still feel like a champ
cuz I know ur 1 of my cuts-men
Apart of my training camp

As magnificent as you are
I will not take the risk
I will remain silent
Let it blow away with this mist
So it can scatter around and never end
I'm happy but not satisfied
I want you as my Mrs.
but since this will never come
I'm happy to still see u as my friend
Not really to the end
Ongoing 4ever

V.v.V. Ds

— The End —