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Deep down I Am a Different Person
-Subhojit Ghimire

I talk a lot on the outside,
But deep down I have a lot of secrets,
The untold things I never wish to tell,
Many secrets that I keep to myself...

I smile a lot on the outside, even tho'
on the deep inside I've never done so,
Because deep within I am a different person,
A person whom you will never know...

I am nice to a lot of people on the outside,
But believe me,
I've murdered every single one of them on the inside,
A psychopath I am very deep within,
Very different than my outer being...

Partying and socialising is not my thing,
Neither is teamwork collaborating,
Lonely I am very deep within,
And alone I always wish to be...

The dark evil has conquered my mind,
And the goodwill refuges on the surface outside,
I do not tend to fight my evil within,
Because it's whom I've always been...

I am not my true self,
The person you see on the outside,
Because deep down I am a different person,
The Person you'd never wish to meet...
It's Raining Outside
-Subhojit Ghimire

It's gloomy dark,
Clouds all marked,
With windy hustle,
And thundry bustle...

The sky grown pale,
Fragranced with estery smell,
And in the watery dale,
The paperboats go sail...

The weather bit wet,
But not even a single hate,
Wrapped in a blanket so warm,
Causing nobody no harm...

The lightning sparks,
Fill sky with larks,
And the rustling leaves,
Mark an important eve...

All signs of an event so main,
Welcome the drizzling rain,
The nature is so happy about,
Afterall, it's raining out...
Tryin' to write a nostalgic and different poem... Little different than what I always write...
- Subhojit Ghimire

Seven hours a complete waste,
In the classroom I sit,
Learning not and listening not,
In my dream world I get lost...

Nodding and dozing,
Off I go to sleep,
My eyes are open though,
I know those are,
But my mind, I'm not sure...

The sound of the bell,
Oh! So melodious it sounds,
The teacher exits and the panic relieves,
The joy after that has literally no bound...

Exams come and exams go,
The result day is what we fear,
The harsh scolding an the words promising,
To us, all those are just so dear...

Books are our sleeping pills,
And game period- the energy giver,
Teachers teach us how to believe,
But friends make us a believer...

Doing assignment is a mere procrastination,
The burden that we'll never forget,
Give us a month's time, give us a week's leave,
We'll have the work still undone...

Those were the days, those were the times,
I will always frame in mind,
Saying goodbye would not pain much,
If we promise to stay in touch...
Be a man you'd never been...
-Subhojit Ghimire

When you believe that the sky above you is way too high
For you to even try
That's when all of your dreams go wry
And you sit there doin' nothin' but cry...
That's when you fail...

When you believe the ocean's too deep for even your tears to drown
That's when all your green faiths turn brown
and all you can do is frown...
That's when you are unworthy...

When you finally believe that the journey to the end of the world cannot be accomplished
And you let all your chances go amiss
That's when you let your future go lease
And let sorrowful nature give you a kiss...
That's when you are hopeless...

But amidst all your sorrows and sufferings and failures
If you still stand up each time
And let the life test you one more time
That's when you reach beyond the sky
That's when you touch the end of the bottomless ocean
And that's exactly when you get past the earth's grasp...

Then you start a new life
Full of hopes and full of dreams
All the faiths again turned green
That's when you rise to your full potential
To be a man you'd never been...
This poem comes from a hopeless guy who one day believes to rise to his full potential, and *hopes* to see his true self, without any extrinsic help...
The Unknown Valley of Afterlife
-Subhojit Ghimire

Deep down a dark valley
Unknown to any mankind
The home of devils, it is called
With the picture of hell in mind...

It's a loathing place, no doubt
But nobody questions why
Before heaven everyone must go there
As soon as they die...

All the sorrows are washed down there
Giving the sinful soul a fresh new life
The bones are rearranged, the flesh is remade
And the whole new body ripe...

That place is not the end, but a mere beginning
And yet every being fears it
The energy to remake, and the soul so far dead
It's where the life and death meet...
Subhojit Ghimire Dec 2018
I write...
- Subhojit Ghimire

I write
Hoping that someday my works get published,
Hoping that my hobbies turn into something amazing,
And thence I write to make my dreams come true...

I write
Not because I cannot speak,
But because I cannot speak as openly as I can write,
And thence I write to pour my heart open...

I write
Because it helps soothe my thoughts,
It helps keep my negativity away,
And thence I write to help myself...

I write
So that I can dwell upon what I write,
So that I can myself figure out what I think,
And thence I write to introspect myself...

I write
To put my old thoughts away,
And to gather some new thoughts around,
And thence I write to refresh my mind about...

I write
Because unlike humans,
Papers do not complain of what I have to say,
They keep listening to me patiently and yes, they get me,
And thence I write as that's the only thing I can do...

I write
Not because I can write good,
But to remind myself that at least I am trying,
I am doing something what others fear to do,
And thence I write to keep myself inspired...
Subhojit Ghimire Nov 2018
I Have a Choice
-Subhojit Ghimire

To take birth was not my choice,
But to die will now be mine,
To walk on this messed up planet was not my choice,
But the choice to leave this planet will be mine...

I have seen a lot,
I have suffered a lot,
All those I did without a choice,
But I have a choice...
I have a choice and now I will change...
I will change in such a way that I'll never be seen again,
Not on this planet,
Not on this universe,
Not on any corner of this dimensionless multiverse...

I don't want any help no more,
And that's my choice,
I don't want any advice no more,
Because I choose not to
And that's my choice and mine alone...

Every options ran out,
Every bright paths got closed away,
But the only option I still have my will on,
Is the last choice any one can possess...
The only choice that opened itself,
After all other choices ran out
Is the choice I choose...

I choose death over life,
I choose to die...
And die and die, and die again,
Until this choice too
Becomes no more of mine...
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