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Sometimes a fall
is the universe's way of telling you
that you aren't grounding yourself enough,
that all you need
is to centre yourself
against the earth
in order for a balance
to find its way to you.

we put up the worst fights
when we fall,
simply because
we assume it is belittling,
in rushing to get back on our feet,
we miss the lessons
of the significance behind that fall...

Time is often most telling
in the most unorthodox ways,
so when you fall,
allow your rise to be at a pace
where you know that
your feet will help you stand firm.
it is leaving our words unspoken
that has our throats feeling choked,
it is at this point in time
when setting your words free
may be the only means
to setting yourself
...and on the days when no words seem to find their way to you,
may your silence be the warm hug that you need.
You wouldn't just leave,
that was never gonna be enough for you.

You wanted to drag my soul through the pits of misery,
have it's beauty carved on glass...
...because you knew just how easily it could break.

You wanted to take every part of me there was to take,
just so you could rip me to shreds...
...leaving me in pieces
that could never mend.

Little did you know that I was already detached from my being...
...the moment you thought you were becoming one with it.

That I was so estranged from the person you knew...
...because I was already becoming someone you would never get to know.

You took all there was to take,
not because you had that power over me,
but rather
because I gave up what was no longer necessary for my existence.
The beauty of pain is often found in acknowledging its lesson(s).
Those who are faithless
know the pleasures of love;
it is the faithful
who know love's tragedies.
A quote from Oscar Wilde.
What if
our personalities
are just
our mother
and our father
inside of us?
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