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Apr 2015
Maybe I've seen the Notebook too many times, but the concept of 'If You're A Bird, I'm A Bird' keeps growing exceedingly less absurd.
And ever since I saw A Walk to Remember I've always wanted to name a star after you so there would be two of you, and so I wouldn't have to share the original with the world.
Or was it so you could see the light in you that I see everyday and not only at night?
Alas, I can't seem to remember, but I'm certain it was both.
I've never been in a warzone outisde of my own life, but you've saved me from more harm than any bomb or rifle could inflict so I am indeed The Lucky One.
Whether sitting in silence or drowning in chaotic clamor I remember the first time you sang to me, and I recall my smiling like a fool
Let it be known that albeit I'm not actively seeking death, if it may find me I hope for that to be my Last Song.
Oh, and my darling
let your suspicions now come to light,
forΒ Β I indeed have always had an ulterior motive in loving you-
in you loving me.
That is for our love to create a Safe Haven to return to when the world has seemed to drain us of the hope we awoke with.
And yes my love,
I indeed am a bird if that is what you are as well,
but in tandem do I vow to be your Guardian on this Walk to Remember through This Bending Road of life.
It was almost 6AM and I had not been asleep yet and had an urge to write something fun, meaningful and light. Thus this work was created! It is a piece using book titles from the romantic mastermind Nicholas Sparks! Cool huh? Haha enjoy, my friends.
Titles used:
The Notebook
The Last Song
Safe Haven
The Lucky One
A Bend in the Road
A Walk To Remember
The Guardian
Marquis Hardy
Written by
Marquis Hardy  Peachtree Corners, GA
(Peachtree Corners, GA)   
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