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Roy-Jax Sep 2019
Oh joy where have you gone
You've saddened my heart
Come back where you belong
I'm falling apart
I need you to make me strong

But I guess you're nowhere to be found

I looked for you in pleasure
But you still weren't present
An unsatisfied desire
That is what I am left with

That feeling of emptiness
There's nothing that can fill me
I'm feeling so depressed
A little joy can maybe help me

But still you're nowhere to be found, are you?  

Aren't you supposed to be a fruit of the spirit?
When was the last time I felt you
For so long you've been missing
How can I find you?

You're like a lost treasure
Probably buried under my pain and burdens
I try to hide it in my leisure
But Inside I'm really hurtin'

I'm sorry that I lost you
I am feeling so much sorrow
But You have no clue what I go through
I worry about tomorrow
And I don't trust folks that I'm close to

Maybe if you were here, things could have been a little different
But you're nowhere to be found, for years now you've been absent
Roy-Jax Jul 2019
If God is my king
n I'm the son of God
That means I'm a prince

C i am just human
I know that I'm flawed
That's why there's forgiveness

Forgiveness from Jesus
Just know he is Lord
He'll free u from distress
Roy-Jax Jul 2019
What a cruel world we live in
A world led by Satan
A world so confused,
that is so filled with ruse

Oh, you think, at least there is a little peace
But there’s still wars in the middle east
The poor starve, while the rich feast
Abortion rates have increased

What a horrible place to be
Where people are so unruly
and sin abound truly
Why can’t anyone see, maybe I’m just an anomaly

The world’s falling apart
and no one realizes
The hatred’s off the charts
before our own eyes

But what can we do in the midst of this crisis
Well it’s prophecy, gotta wait till it’s accomplished
Until then, we’ll follow Christ and do what is righteous
So in judgement before the Lord, we will be blameless

— The End —