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Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Cool beans.

You shine for me when I am in despair.
I will be your light when you are in darkness.
You are still with me even when I am not there.
I have chosen to invest in your interests.

If you are in need, then count on me,
To do all I can to see you through.
I will always be a man of peace.
Try to shout at me if you want to
And I will remain the same, cool beans.
The swinging sixties are in my dreams.
The hippie in me is looking for love,
So if you are the one I have been thinking of,
Then please give me a free hug.

I will not give up until I make your day
And make your smile;
Have a nice stay,
For the rest of my life,
By being on my side.
If you are, I will always remain,
Only a heartbeat away.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sabila Siddiqui Mar 2018
Verbalizing out her interests
attracted opportunities.

She planned to play with every insecurity,
learning, growing and blooming
with every opening.

She just had to take a chance
for the possibility.
Event hough she was dubious and stuttering.

But soon there would be rhythm and fluency
and there she would find unity in
a community.
Pearl smoke Jan 2018
I Do Have a Light.
It hasn’t sparked yet .
When it does, it will be so bright .
When I free From
This sickness , il be somebody .
I have the potential
To achieve great things .
I’m intelligent.
When I break Free
My life will Experience
So many Amazing things.
Il make my self useful.
I Will be productive
People will then depend on me.
I’m an awesome person.
Unfortunately my life
Unfolded Differently than others.
That doesn’t mean I can’t get
Back on my feet & Level Up.
I might not be anyone right now .
Have Attractive features
Like drive , Work , Education.
I do have other Nice things to point out towards me .  
One day il rise .
George Krokos Jan 2018
It's a place where you would rather not be
engaged in a quarrel and unable to agree.
Between two strangers or with one you know
in a display of words disagreement to show.

A sad state of affairs and opposite of harmony
usually about something they did not foresee.
Ending with both parties not seeing eye to eye
and very often it's without a clear reason why.

It could be one taking more and giving back less
to the other who considers the matter in distress.
Or perhaps ignoring to do what should be done
in our duty to one another that incurs a bad run.

If a lack of trust or deception has been at play
there are suspicions that don't easily go away.
'Honesty's the best policy' known and cherished
without this relationships only end up perished.

Especially when there are two interests at stake
one against the other much trouble they'll make.
Keep away from being at loggerheads if you can
as it may end up in a fight with your fellow man.
Written early Dec. 2017.
unsxfe Nov 2017
I met someone today.
They seemed nice.
Swallowing my fears, I approach her.
We talked for hours.
She's nice, as my suspicions confirmed.
Why am I doing this?
Set a date and time.
Meet her there.
She's wearing this dress that is so vibrant, it feels like it extends through time.
My legs feel like gelatin.
I sit down with her.
We continue our conversation as planned, an-

      you like

I thought you were cool,
  But you like THAT.
And to think I...
Forget it.
Forget me.
  We're through.
This one was me trying to experiment a little, fading in and out of traditional and my style.
Ileana Payamps Aug 2017
It’s not their level of education
It’s not their level of wealth
It’s not their looks
It’s not the way they dress
It’s not where they come from
It’s not their background
It’s not their interests
It’s not their personality
It’s not their music taste
It’s not you
It’s not me…

It’s simply love.

There is way more to love
Than what we think.

Love is and will always be
The only thing
That will bind two souls together.
love is blind
Tony Luxton Apr 2017
It's a kind of blindness,
never been there,
never seen there.
Not through my own eyes,
just in films and stills.

Even here I bring the blinds down
on native town and countryside.
Don't see what changes and what doesn't,
trying too much to cope with the present,
future and imagined virtual fights.

So what do others see? I can't use their eyes.
Can they be my spies? Can they infiltrate?
Can they secure my interests? Or are they
double agents for some other clandestine cause?
Gabriel burnS Jan 2017
War by proxy,
the future of conflict
super powers clashing
on foreign soil
in battles fought by locals
divided into camps
pitted against their own
for differing convictions
not for the lack of reasons;
fuel to the fire added
by their recruiters
no need to worry about ordnance
and military hardware,
ammo and suplies
they will be provided
by the sponsors;
the agenda is
to drown a patch of land in blood,
with an island built from bones
lonely in the middle,
just big enough for a g-man
to set foot upon,
tie the laces of his boot;
an then move on.
But what of all the residue?
Nothing goes to waste
all will be reused
blood to fuel
bones to amunition
surviving souls to generations of hate slaves

If you're elsewhere building an oasis
somewhere peaceful, someplace quiet,
watch your back and keep an eye
on the silent sky
there are birds of steel and wires
with their artificial brains
roaming, cruising, watching,
their senses and their talons
lent to their
puppeteers, mere employees
looking for a chance,
at that multikill promotion
fingers itching at the joystick...
but outside and back at home,
a prison cell of boredom
waits to chew them in slow motion
to the bombed and the bombing,
to the greedy and the mourning,
we don't call this life
hell is real
we're both prey and hunter
madness is contagious and haunting
Äŧül Dec 2016
I wanted the girl,
As I loved her, and,
She reflected my love.
But it's a thing of the past.
She reflected my love,
As I loved her, and,
I wanted the girl.
My HP Poem #1342
©Atul Kaushal
E Townsend Nov 2016
Didn’t I ever think to be authentic
collecting words, snapping photographs
exclaiming I am enamored with language and art

when honestly, I am merely a fraud
to what I love. My hands aren’t stained with ink,
my eyes aren’t trained to learn new techniques
paper is not my friend nor is a roll of film
tossing around in my bag of nonexistent records that
I actually love my hobbies.

I feel that I am not quite
an owner of my interests,
stealing passion from others and wishing
they were my own.
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