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Omi Aug 2019
On this day, I was broken
On this day, my world stopped 
On this day, my life was reduced
On this day, pain consumed me 
and this consumption never left 

I went to bed broken-hearted 
I woke up broken-hearted 
My life was pain 
Pain was all I knew 
I wept until I could weep no more 

My spirit was locked in a dark room 
It was empty 
reason departed me 
there was nothing 
I had nothing 

My joy was stolen 
My labour unfavoured
I screamed

Suicide was a friend 
Depression my lover
Bitterness my worship 

I tried to pray
I tried to believe, 
but my mind could not. 

My spirit and flesh
but still my soul thirsted. 

It searched;
To find God. 

It knew
He is my answer 
The truth and the way 
The truth is God 
and in Him 
I rested.
You don’t realise God is all you need until God is all you’ve got.
Omi Jun 2019
You sit there
Trying to convince yourself  that "you'll be fine"
But since we are all flesh
We have to fear.

But fear is conjoined.
With every atom,
  Mar 2019 Omi
Nnaemeka Mokeme
Don't hold me
responsible for the
rainfall tonight,
it comes to
reveal how much
i hurt and
the way my
tears flows because
of my brokenness.
I am really
a fool being
the way i am.
For the rain
and the darkness
of the night
makes it impossible
to reach you.
I am still
standing at the
corner with the
thunderstorm in
the rain waiting
for you while
you stood
under the shade
of a tree
kissing another.
Do I blame
the rain for
coming down or
my heart for
foolishness or
you for not
loving me.
Should i blame
the thunderstorm
because i didn't
win her heart.
But there,
also standing in
the rain stranded,
is someone
calling out to me,
a stranger.
Maybe love has
finally arrived.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
  Mar 2019 Omi
Grace E
The days pass & he lingers
I sip on the memory  
Of his calloused fingers
Like he etched his initials into my skin
I, robed in his jacket
That still smells like him

I dance whenever I recall
Our nights together
When we exposed it all
I was the sea
We took and gave
& elated, he splashed
Inside my waves
  Mar 2019 Omi
Only those who truly care about you, will hear you when you are quiet.
  Mar 2019 Omi
Richard Barnes
Sun, moon and golden candles hung in midair
are but ornaments used by heavens muse
to paint true love and all things rare.
My love does stir my vice to compare
painted words to love and  
these candles hung in midair.
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