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No more love could there ever be not now for me you see for I had the best of whatever there was as regards
a once upon a lifetime of love for It was
with that special love
for I had It all
nothing compared or
ever will
from the kiss of her lips to the touch of her hand so soft or just to hearing her voice so no more could I ever have
nothing could even come close to her and the love that we had If were possible to turn back the clock
maybe just one time live one day more with her I would give whatever I had just had that one
last chance
give up the remaining days of my life for sure I would do for no more love could I have no one
come close to the love
that we had so I'll keep to my memories of her knowing they'll see me through something no other relationship could ever
Helen's love so strong that I have enough memories of her to see me through the rest of my days
Heaven the Angel you sent me when you first heard my cries you who
have decided to take her from me and return her to Heaven where she came
from but what you didn't realise
or maybe It just didn't concern you, the beautiful Angel, you sent me on hearing my
I fell In love with please hear my cries and send my beautiful Angel back to where she belongs here In my arms
Heaven who sent me an Angel
on hearing my cries who then recently took her and returned her to Heaven were you not aware I had fallen In love with this  Angel you sent me so please send her back to me
where she belong In my arms
Just to close my eyes s briefly a moment I see
my love before me and
Oh so pretty she Is
smiling at me want to reach out my hand
and touch
but because she Is part of my Imagination now can't
do that anymore  She speaking now I can hear her beautiful
In my head saying she Is missing me so much and
asking If angry because she left me In this life behind alone but said she just had to
It was quite quick she said no time tell you so you couldn't have there for my final moments she said don't blame
you were not there at my final departure from life
It was how It was meant
to be she said I'd always been there for
In life and I had done enough for her and that she was happy with
and then I opened my eyes she had gone all part Imaginary world when I close my eyes It to then
I see
.my Imagination running away with me sometime don't know what real and what's not
Äŧül 2d
This is my first one for you,
Yes, the first among uncountable to come.
You should be ready, yes you,
Your life will change with my romance.
I am ready for you, yes, me too,
My life is scented by your unparalleled youth.
Let us make life happen - me and you!

I don't just want to live with you,
Yes, only when I'm with you, I want death to come.
You might get scared, but you shouldn't be,
Your apprehensions are resolvable with patience.
I know you are ready for me, yes, you are too,
My life is scented for you by my own set of experiences.
Let yourself fall in love with me - I'll catch you!

I shall come to your land and take your hand,
Yes, I shall propose you and your family, just let me come.
You be patient too, just like me, yes, you should be,
Your three spatial dimensions will expand and evolve.
I am a magician of the written word, yes, you know,
My life is scented by my own words that I now write to you.
Let me and my words seep deep into your sweetest heart!
My HP Poem #1737
©Atul Kaushal
Everything between Helen and I was always shared no secrets or lies between us did we ever have a friendship and a love that stood the test of
No mattered what was ever thrown at us throughout our lives and the time we had together
but we always stayed true to each other that the only way true love ever
For true love Is what Helen and I really had the wedding vows we made for better or for worse both us truly meant and we stayed faithful to each other to the very
Staying faithful to each other no matter what that true love Is all about
Lovely 3d
I don't want someone like you.
I don't want somebody brand new.
I only want you.
I wish you didn't have to second guess this.
I wish you wouldn't stress it.
I only want you.
I know sometimes it gets hard to let your guard down.
I know sometimes I make you feel like you're gonna drown.
I only want you.
I love you Cody.
I need you.
I wouldn't leave you.
I just wish you understood, I only want you.
Always to together for forever we'll be just as
In life as death so we
For I know my darling
somewhere out you waiting for me
One day I'll be joining you
where together we'll be just as In life forever was meant to
So much In love for true romance, we truly did have
like Siamese twins never apart just In life so shall be In
Together as In life as In death
forever we'll be
i am scared,
by the brutal judgement of the world,
hide me under your wings,
let your kindness shelter me,
veil me in your love,
-memoona kazmi
Day after day laid here with nothing to do but think of you, my kitten asleep by side to where you once did lay and I
miss you
Day after day Im learning to cope without you my
love for there's no more I can do for you I given my all
Day after day I promise I'll always remember you put fresh flowers on your grave sit and talk with you on sunny
I Promised Helen I'll always Remember Her Put Fresh
On Her Grave Sit With Her And Talk To Her On Sunny Days And I Will
My curtains remain closed just as they were when my sweetheart passed on never ever to be opened again
I remember the first  morning I woke without Helen here at my side not
hearing her voice total silence
I snuggled back up Into my bed covers closed eyes and tried to go back to sleep drifting from one memory to another
Laid there for weeks only coming out at dead night
and returning to bed like a vampire before dawns early morning
But I've made It thus far surviving on my memories of those wonderful days spent with
Helen although I still shed tears I'm strong enough now to know I can make
It's been a long struggle but I'm stronger now and no I'm going to make It
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