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Sabika H Apr 2019
This is no classic scene on a movie screen.
This is real life.
And it’s scenes are the most obscene.

This pain is felt first hand,
And your confusion is severe.
We look to the asphalt and to these mechanic machines and
Believe we live in our ancestors virtual dreams.
You scream:
“It’s 2019!”
And take that as evidence of progress;
Like we are closer to the truth now
Than when our foods weren’t processed.

Yes we are better at manipulating physicality
To make clowns of our spirituality
So we can parade our falsity.

You see,

We latch to this planet like a leach.
Manipulating your free speech
As you learn only what is deemed worthy to teach.
And that’s it!
That’s all you need to know!
Go on, throw a fit
And call it “history in the making”
While you hold all knowledge in a glowing rectangle
And still mistake emotions with rationality
Yes we’ve reached this calamity!

Don’t make me laugh!
You hate war?
But you get bored of peace
And you fetishise your guns.
And this is no longer a secret,
Now you post blood and caption it “aesthetic”
And laugh-cry at those who are unfortunate.

Glory is in the body count,
And ****** is just a sport.
Honour is in the gold,
And your biggest fear is to be outed in court.

Truth is
You’re building a fort
Where ignorance is at its foundation.
And while you do not know yourself
You claim to know the nation.
Double standards
One rule for them
Another for thee

Tongues dripping with lies
The fangs are almost out
Better watch your back
Or you’ll be pulling swords, no doubt

Under surveillance
The ever watchful eye
Monitoring your every move
To see if you comply

Rules to be obeyed
Judgements in the ether
You have to respect their laws
Or expect a sermon from their preacher

Live and let live
Doesn’t apply
You’ll be reprimanded
Though you may not understand why

If they disagree with your actions
And the way you prioritise
Because it jars with them
And you eventually they despise

So be careful what you say
And how much you divulge
For it may be held against you
And all favour you had annulled

For familiarity
breeds contempt
Sad but true
I lament

Best to put
Some space between
You and that ‘force’
That notices everything

Take some distance
Step right back
Shield yourself
From unwarranted attacks

I guarantee
It’s for the best
Extract yourself
From the vipers’ nest.
Galib Apr 2018
Take your sword, let’s fight for democracy,
Blame the terrorists, say no to autocracy,
I wish there was no room for hypocrisy,
Hey… Wait… This is American philosophy.

We are monitored, we are safe,
Terrorists are captured, or deal is made?
We see a new target to detonate,
There was a kid, ups… just mistake.  

Mr. Trump is listening to your I-phone,
You can reach him by saying: “hey clown”,
This is not the purpose, you were born,
İgnorance of what you are fighting for.
uzzi obinna May 2016
Do not cry when am gone,
You werent there when i was torn,
Do not stand around my bed,
You never cared when i bled.

Do not act like you're in despair,
You turned away when i needed your care,
Do not lavish money on a bouquet,
A little less is all i needed to survive each day.

Do not speak about your love for me,
Your eloquent speech should have been kind words to me,
Do not show up in mass and numbers,
One or two earlier visits would have been enough to remember.

Do not be extravagant over the box in which i'll be laid
If i had the figures, my demise could have been delayed,
Do not preach about where i have gone,
You who is living still has battles to be won
This represents the hypocricy at wake keeps
The hypocricy of democracy is democracy
Why is it so complicated?
this life?
Why can’t everybody be the same?

I often hear of strange words
Words like hate, jealousy, war
I hear they mean bad feelings
Mum said we should never play with other children
That their parents hate us, that they are jealous
I don’t know why she said that
Because they laugh with us
They play with us
They give us some of their good food.

Sometimes I wonder why
Mummy and daddy don’t be free and happy
Just like me and junior
Daddy says we are Christians
We follow Christ
But Christ says love your neighbor
As you love yourself
Is that love?
Inspired by one of my favorite poems, First day at school by Roger McGough
Ron Sparks Jul 2015
they frown
at my tattoos
as I ride past their church;
I think if they had stones they would
cast them
Scott Sinnock Oct 2014
This summer I saw mountains
   Thrusting out of the sea,
   And mountains mellowed with age,
   Rounded, softer, quietly returning to the sea.

I saw Redwoods: massive
   Majestic, alive,
   And marveled as I held seeds
   From which they thrive.

I wondered at hands that could be so old
   As those that carved the living stone
  In rocks by the sea;

I stood in awe hundreds of feet
   Beneath blankets of branches
   Of ancient trees.

I listened as mountainous streams
   Sang songs of the sources
   Of life-giving waters.

I saw flowers too many to name
   Running up and down grassy hillsides,
   In and out of pine-scented forests,
   Along rivers,
   Through meadows,

But why am I telling you this?
   Because, of course,
   I must prove I am free,
   That I can see beauty
   all around me.
But it seems
   The less I feel free,
   The less beauty I see, and
   The louder I shout, “I am free, I am free”,
   The more I scream, “I see, I see”.
It’s all a game,
   You see;
   you see.

I just try to follow the rules.

                                                        ­        August 1, 1970
                                                            ­  *(edited 10/11/2014)

— The End —