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thy body electric experiences
     constant dry cough and wheeze'n
perhaps explainable
     via my headstrong commander in chief

     o' me fifty nine shades of gray matter
     resorting to treason
or deploying high crimes
     and misdemeanors

     during this budding spring season
thus, aye wonder what tooth ink
     when there occurs
     a momentary lapse of reason

noah egg zag jeer rate'n,
     boot aye ham loath to axe 'cept
the onset of degenerative brain disorder

     with ma noggin buzzing like bees
perhaps indicative of Alzheimer's
     notorious amyloid
     gunk plaque hard as cheese
     Parkinson's, Huntington's Chorea disease,
or gamut of other no nonsense

     mind playing game oh yea...absolutely much
     worse than itching with fleas
Diffuse Lewy Body Malady,
     (now thought to be the second
     most common type of dementia,
     akin to Google times anxiety
     over a set plus spare lost black keys
Vascular Dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia
     (FTD - Also known as
     Pick's Disease), Depression,
     Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, ba jeez
perhaps inducing knock knees

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), where pleas
to divine entity, or merely the power
of positive thinking does absolutely nothing

hence tis ideal to relish each day,
     where without fail
health of body, mind
     and spirit doth prevail
more coveted, favored,

     and immunized one to sail
their corporeal ship of state
     rather rejoice, and in due time
     embrace death, rather than decry
     and blubber accursed fate to whale.
Alienpoet Oct 2016
It starts with a sensation of feeling it can't be real
This pain, this reality it all seems so fake
Living in turmoil yet being awake
We've created a fictional story for what we see
Lies have become "real" the virtual stains reality
Yet we are living in the creative dump
Hilary Clinton and Donald trump
Opportunists in this world of lies
The poet cries
But truth is hated more than the lies we perceive
and believe cause their sugar makes the medicine go down
No need to frown, because life is just for individuals like you
We all different but not one of us has a clue
Of what's going on
Corporations rule the media so what's wrong?
Censorship breaks even the strongest of minds
Leaves us cold but does anyone mind?
They feed us primal fears
While we our fed TV box sets of lives we want to lead
While soldiers bleed in wars we keep fighting
Just because of oil sightings
It's all bit pointless as the golden age of austerity kicks in
And the rich become fat eating the poor
and misery is a acquaintance who is in your house though you didn't answer the door
It's all normal check your email and censor your political correctness
It's all ******* tell yourself it won't mean a thing
Your King or queen of nothing
and there is no God heaven was a bluff
It's not real it's tough
Because we could have made it heaven on earth
But fantasy was more beguiling
As we watch game of thrones we are smiling.
Inspired by the documentary of the same name
Viseract Sep 2016
So hyper
My friend reckons I got laid

I wish
hehe, she actually said it too
Alan S Bailey Aug 2016
Thus now the smell of funky, I'm ******, hyper,
I saw beauty in so many infinitely different hues
(of Purple) I got a kind of wink from you and it truly
Killed off my lonely blues. You say I'm so "******* up,"
Eating, got the munchies for salty, savoury treats, feeling so ****
I'm ****, I swear, now rude, I'm on a level "so low" that you "would
Never go," and being so youthful and free, you must punish me,
But do you know what I have got to say?
*It sure was a whole lot of harmless childlike fun getting this way!
Warning, sarcasm written here! Sorry for offending your poor ****** mind's eyes. Christianity is a forced culture. We all must adhere to your Bibles story of Adam and Eve, the fruit and their being "ashamed" of the way they were created...I know...don't worry, sooner of later you'll always get your way. You always DO...!
Isabelle Apr 2016
Ordered a starbucks
faster, abnormal heartbeat
caffeine in my blood
Thank you for the free coffee.
Nicholas Fogle Jun 2015
New York rush is it's own lust.
Got cars,
all sorts of Planes,
Lights Flashing,
It's New York Action.
That's my life all right
N-Y-C is all I see  
Manhattan is where I be.
New York
Dartris Stone Jun 2014
Enter a digital world and try to survive
A blur at hyper drive
Faster than the speed of sound
A heart burns with a whole new attitude
Maneuvering through each situation
Bruises and scars become cherished trophies
It's an obsession; a competition
Tough times, hard climbs
One more step up the ladder
Sweating as if one was being interrogated
Don't get complicated
Flip the coin and pray it's not a crime
Shackles shake calling out a name
Kiss the wind to escape

— The End —