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Pau 5d
...and I like you anyway.
What is it about you that attracts me anyway?
I try to dissect it,
to cross-examine my attraction towards you.

You --
you are the exact definition
of what a dangerous path in love looks like --
a storm and I want it.
I want to walk in it.
I want to feel the catastrophe you will bring,
the agony I might suffer,
the pain, you might inflict.
I'd like to be weathered by it all.

There's no stopping me now,
I'm driving with full acceleration,
hurtling towards you.
You are unaware of it all,
and though you may never find out,
just how much I'd like to get to know you.
I'm hoping.
Just, hoping you'll somehow see me through.
Bob 5d
This was going to be another I love you poem
A please don't go plea
Explain how the pain is to much
Desricbe the heart break
How I want to drink these tears dry
Beg for more time and promise change
This was going to show how sorry I am in a hundred different ways
Let you know that if your gone then I want to go to
This was going to be filled with words that would keep you here
I would beg if needed
Give whoever whatever if we continued forever
But it never got the chance

Passed out before writing the first word out
Woke with pen still in my hand
Paper scattered on the bed
Leaned over to the pillow that would've been holding your head
Took a deep breathe then kissed it softly
First time in nine years your lips wasn't there
First time in nine years my day began with tears wetting my face
Few got by cleaning the sleep dust from my eyes
Just before anger stopped the chance to really cry
Why this ?
Why now?
Why am I beginning to smile?
Am I not hurting as much as I should?
Did I not love you as much I believed?
Staring at the empty bed I finally see what was lost for a long time
You bright eyed and laughing
Then I  hear you telling me your quote of the day
Happy for no other reason then that's the type of person you are
Gone was the look of pain and misery that deprived you of the life you loved
And the world of your beautiful smile
Everything will change by not changing at all
I promise that our forever will continue one day
Untill then I ask you to keep an eye on me from your view in the sky
And I'll continue to do what I always done
That's looking up to you
Honest feedback is appreciated
Truth be told
We walk pass each other without a single word.
Stubborn to the presence of each other.
Yet we look with secrecy, afraid to be noticed.
Terrified of becoming strangers.
Unknowingly judged by thought itself.
The grief of lips unspoken. The sudden appearance of a familiar feeling.
Afraid to speak, the sudden urge of hey.
Today but one of a million.
Disguised as a single moment
We but two people lost in the same moment.
Yet nothing is familiar.
The distance between us grows.
Truth be told
I miss you and can never tell you
While today is but one of a million more
That I moved my mouth
But nothing came out
Normally, it's easier to open up to strangers
As if looking direct upon gilded summer rays, she blinded my every sense. For after one glance upon her blue-grey eyes, the world became ephemeral, and every breath felt ethereal.  It was as if history melted away, and every book, every photo ever taken, told a story of whatever led to this moment. Chaos. Fate. Anxiety and courage. I don't know. But just as soon, time showed its transcurrent ways, and she had left. Minutes passed, hours passed, eons aged every pore, but I had just arrived. I gazed upon heaven and got lost in the garden of eden, and now, falling back to my seat, I watched every memory I never had walk, just feet away. She is gone now, and as dreams pass in sleep, sometimes too, do dreams pass in wake. I sit frozen.
Heartache, Broken heart,
Never thought I'd feel this way,
Without you there's no other way to feel

When we break up we alway come back to us
But you started to change and i started to see
That we weren't gonna make, we couldn't stay this sea

I won't hit up your phone, won't text you no more,  
But i still think of you , i still miss you, pretend every guy is you, this isn't fair, cause out there  your probably happy without me
3.18.19 //
There’s something to be said
About a man folding clothes
Of the woman he loves
Only to end another meeting
At another terminal
Another heavy heart
He thought had long
Become untethered
Just one more George Strait ballad
Before this embrace
Becomes foreign once more
1334.8 miles away

“I love you just as much as the first day. This is far too familiar.”

I’m sorry you have to watch me walk away.
I walk a lonely road lined with freesias,
red and yellow of all shades.
I stop to pick a few, I lift them to my nose.
extending some to you,
I’m met with knit brows,
confusion floods my face as you turn
and walk away.
I set down my bouquet of flowers,
a gift I picked just for you,
and turned away so soon.
Rochelle R Mar 17
Hey old friend ,
Haven't talked for awhile ,
I saw your face and it made me smile ,
Remembering Long nights ,
The ones where music spoke,
The silence as it comforted us,
I let you see things nobody knows,
Don't know where it went wrong,
Guess there was too much weight to carry,
That's okay darling cause battling two ships can be scary,
I hope you are doing well ,
I hope she makes you laugh,
I hope that God is with you ,
And that these good days last,
So goodbye old friend ,
I hope we meet soon,
And if not in this life again,
Then one where misty gardens bloom.
I thought of you today and cried. Then I found these words and cried again. Some memories hurt to have, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. The briefest time with you, is enough to carry me through. Thanks for being you.
Maryan Abdi Mar 16
Thoughts of you keep me up at night.
We can go days without speaking.
Yet a day can’t go by without you crossing my mind.
Sometimes bad thoughts.
Sometimes good thoughts.
But you always wriggle your way back into my brain..somehow.
Especially late at night..
When my minds does nothing but wonder as to what could’ve been.
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