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Ola Gia Sep 2018
High walls.

He tricks her to open the gates

She does.
Ola Gia Sep 2018
As the sun shut its eyes on the world,
Something began to stir
A cough, a splutter, the stretching of ink limbs.
Their time to wake had come

Two intertwined dragons sat upon the arm,
leaning against their tribal plait
They resented their role, they hated their duty
Their meaning was forgotten

Kiwi turned to his English counterpart,
took a deep inhale of his pipe before starting...
"They force us to stay, Brother,
Why do they need us so?."

English observed Kiwi, a grim look of realization upon his jaw
He flicked his red tail and flew around the arm
Returning in a matter of seconds.
A constant in a constant change.

A united thought came to both,
they remembered the true reason why they were there
"We are a symbol. A memory. A focus.
They will always evolve, but we stay.”

With that memory in their mind,
they sat and watched the sun rise again
Knowing it would come, knowing it would go
Knowing they will always stay the same.
Ola Gia Sep 2018
In the sky with the birds, with the clouds and their kisses
The sunlight envelopes her in a kaleidoscope of hues.
Soaring, dancing, floating, swooping.
Bubbles in her chest, patterns of excitement on her face.
She is whole.

POP! And she comes crashing down,
With chains around her, until she fights and flies again.
Ola Gia Aug 2018
I promise I don’t hate you
Trust me it’s true
Though I’ll only talk to you once the month is through
I’m sorry, I’m sorry for being a *****
Except, once there’s a boy, you’ll be the one I ditch
Don’t take it to heart; I’ll be there when I need you
Anyway he's here, so hurry up and shoo!
Ola Gia Aug 2018
Keep quiet. Silent. Listen to their breathing,
Will they wake happy, with their faces all daft?
Deep breaths, little snores, fast asleep, sleeping.

Clamber over a set of eight legs, careful no tripping
over. Soon they will see which fly is their gift.
Keep quiet. Silent. Listen to their breathing.

"Which is mine?"  they spent the evening asking.
"You'll just have to wait and see", I laughed.
Deep breaths, little snores, fast asleep, sleeping.

On the edge of the web, fill each stocking
to the brim. Got to be quick and got to be swift.
Keep quiet. Silent. Listen to their breathing.

Soon they'll rise and the house will be clicking
with their pincers and not one unwrapped present left.
Deep breaths, little snores, fast asleep, sleeping.

Finish the Santa duty, time to start relaxing
ready for the morning when tensions have halved.
Keep quiet. Silent. Listen to their breathing.
Deep breaths, little snores, fast asleep, sleeping.
A poem that I wrote a while a back, but never published.
Ola Gia Aug 2018
Sing for me, belt out the music,
and set fire to my soul.

Bring the warmth with you,
I need it for the winter of my mind.

Teach me to dance again,
to learn how I can battle with grace.

Show me that I’m strong enough,
when the blindfold covers my eyes.
Ola Gia Aug 2018
Put me in the glass cupboard,
make sure you turn the key,
make me forbidden to all.
Forbidden to all, but you.

Pick and choose your visits.
Please, don’t worry about me.
My unmoving eyes light up,
each time that you return.

Pick up my limp body for
without you it doesn’t move.
Untangle my strings, dust me off.
I’m sorry for the mess.

Freuds wink, and self-assurance,
I’m your doll, and your play thing.
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