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Abby Reynolds Sep 2018
Everyday I reserve a moment
to picture you
to imagine us
to feel your heart
which I know well is
still embedded into my own
I'm aware these few moments of my day can lead to nothing
but troubles, & heartache
because when I open my eyes
you're there
god knows where
& I'm here, nowhere
When I stop to think about why I still take my time to think about you
I can only come up with the reasoning that I still love you
I always will love you
even now, six months later
after the damage is done
after the tears have fallen for so long
I'm worried they may have seeped their way into my heart
Even with the knowledge
of the gut wrenching
heart altering pain
our love brought into my
all dancing and daisy life
even past the break,
the moment I knew the love of my life was never
coming home
I would do it all again
over & over & over
just for a taste of that sensation
of us
lying barely clothed wrapped in your embrace
for just a glimpse of
your abysmal brown eyes
for a minuscule moment
of our epic love story
I just thought you should know
there's never regrets in this hallow hallway of my heart
only stubborn love
that grasps at a chance
for one more try
Speaking Eyes May 2018
I'm not going to tell you cheesy phrases as
Your eyes are the sun that illuminates my path,
but if you want me to tell the truth…
your eyes are these sun
and when you smile, they are the other stars
and when you look at me,
they are the hug I want to never end…

Neither, I'm going to tell you something like
your kisses make me dream,
but if you want me to be sincere…
Your lips are seeds with dreams.
You had planted more than kisses in my soul
you had left me more than traces on the skin,
I have an entire forest inside,
and those trees whisper your name.

And I'm not going to tell you that you are my great love
I’m even afraid to tell you that…
But… If you want the truth…
Is really probable that I won't want to leave you
Not while I exist…
Who knows that even later…
Maybe we end up as two energies
that can't imagine one without the other
Who knows…

And I'm not going to tell you I love you…
not if I don't feel it…
Be certain
that when I tell you that I love you
I really do.

And of so much don't want to tell you those cheesy phrases
I think I said a lot more…

In this life of so much getting lost,
I came to find me when you meet me
To my Christopher
Daniel Mashburn Aug 2016
What's another sleepless night on the path to infinity? Here's to the pills to make me chill but still don't do anything. So I'm just staring at the inside of my eye lids watching the scenes of my life play out on my internal movie screen.

I see in vivid colors the memories that I thought I had let go, but were continuously burning from within me. Like the time I spoke venom and rhetoric at the loss of my notebooks and it was probably then and there that you fell out of love with me.

Or the moment you got too close so I shut down and refused to speak. Those times got more frequent and fraught with the fear to be open and honest but a liar I'd never be. So we sat in silence in the car like a sad film scene where it would rain, but we wouldn't cry, and so you fell out of love with me.

And if there's a demon in me, he's learned to speak in silver lined tongue and in prose and in rhyme and to paint pictures with words so he can pretend he's free. But I'm still haunted by the actions and the fears of a scared and tired little heart housed in chain and ice and it's when these fears came to life: I learned I'll never be free and so I fell out of love with me.
Lorraine Cinco Jun 2015
I knew I have to cut this strings to save myself.
But I never realized I was already drowned.
He left me in depths of my love and despair.
He removed the air in space and dugged me down to the pit of sorrow.
I saw him down here, his arms that could save me held another.
I cried so much for the first time.
I cant decipher this was this great love? was this loss love? was this love at all?
Tell me, if he ever love me even once because there were never days I wasnt inlove with him.
Mikaela Vega Dec 2014
Blessed is she who comes across,
A man so pure and full of love.
Who devoutly reveres his beloved,
To miss out would be  a vast loss.

A man like mine,
Perfection in human form.
Oh how he is flawless,
A personality which endearingly shines.

He posses a touch to admirable to be factual,
A voice that makes you feel at home,
A smile that says you’re not alone,
A body so desirable, so ****, so practical.

A love like the finest of wine,
Each day it gets better,
Nothing but better,
A love so sensibly divine.

When you have a love like ours,
You’ll learn there is fate,
None of this is fake,
Days seem only hours.

Blessed is she who comes across,
a man such as mine,
A love so divine,
to miss out would be a vast loss.
Sonya L May 2014
I fall in love
With everyone
My heart can
Only hold so much.
Can only beat
So many be
Ats at a time
Fast slow
It doesn't matter
It's both
Keep up
I will
W ill
V ie
I love you
I may not
Know you
But I do
And I know
You could

— The End —