Jul 2015 Mikaela Vega
silent scars
My heart is on fire
My mind is a liar
But you say I'm just tired
Not depressed

But I've confessed
There's this pain in my chest
And this level of sadness
Is only growing higher

Leave me alone
I want to be on my own
This place is not a home

This is where my thoughts deepen
This bed that I sleep in
Where my tears drown the sheets
And my bones weaken

Screaming at my scars to quit fading
Looking in the mirror
At this person I'm hating
Crying in the dark
While my heart's breaking

This war with myself can't be won
The plan was never to hurt anyone
Except me, my pain can't be undone

Save me from myself
I don't think I can fight
Save me from this war
Save me from tonight

Keep me from the dark
It's not where I want to belong
Save me from this war
Save me from who I've become

At this point I'm
beyond lost and confused
With a heart that's more than bruised
This tongue holding back its secrets
While I'm suicidal and
ignoring my weakness
But you still tell me I'm just a mess
Not depressed
  Jul 2015 Mikaela Vega
Today is a beautiful poem
Yesterday was a drag
Jet lagged from the bad
Sad and mad at this and that
But right now is good

There is no should of
Would of or if I could of
Not wearing a leather jackets
With pockets full of regret
I bet we never met
But today is a beautiful poem

Somewhere greed bleeds horror
Plants seeds of deceit in the streets
Were strangers meet violently
Were sorrows spill silently
Still to spite that or despite that
I cite facts or perhaps lies that
Support this poetic decree from me
That today is a beautiful poem

Flowers bloom in sweet perfume
While children die in locked rooms
From mothers who beat them with
Broken brooms
But the moon is a glorious sphere
That shines here and there
Cause today is still a beautiful poem

So I use the first line
One to a hundred times
A simple ruse to lose
Those heavy handed blues
And say that
Today is a beautiful poem
  Jul 2015 Mikaela Vega
I only write when the light has faded
When the day has been downgraded
To the cool evening I am celebrating
When different dark shadings paint the landscape

I only write when the sun is shining
When daylight is divining
All the secret we are finding
Shadows no longer conceal how we feel

I only write on days that end in y
If even you have to ask me why
Then why even try
I just write
Mikaela Vega Jul 2015
I don't know why, but I have this strange love for you. Why strange? I've never felt it before. It's not the possessive, jealous, intense love so many feel... And it is so strange... how fast this feeling sprung upon me.

I know you will understand this..

When I see you, I see your soul. I do not see your physical appearance, Instead, I see everything that you are.

And let me tell you... I am in love with your soul. And it's the most innocent genuine love one could possibly feel. You are such a free spirit.You are meant to go places, to see the world, and you're so confident in everything you do...
And I envy you.

I see this, and I love this about you. I want you to go and see every place you could dream of visiting, sharing your love for music and life with all you meet along the way. If you do this, I will miss you dearly, but I will be so happy for you... for you will truly be living. And living the life that you know with your heart you're meant to live.

Your mind and your heart and so pure; you have no cruel intentions,you love deeply and you are so kind. You are so caring that you let so many people become close to you.
And sometimes it's the wrong kind of person you get hurt...
But that doesn't stop your heart from caring deeply and longing for that sincerity in return.

Your imagination runs wild with all these thoughts in your head..They are so brilliant; when you speak you paint a picture with your words that is vast, bold, creative, and wonderful.Your mind is a beautiful thing. I have always had an appreciation for those who still poses the ability to see things with open minds, even into adulthood.

When I see you, I see your soul.

I do not see your physical appearance.

Instead, I see everything that you are.

And I love all that you are. Don't forget.
  Mar 2015 Mikaela Vega
stéphane noir
to my darling who feels she's not:
our separation is mere illusion.
truly, your pain strikes me as i write this;
your sensations of abandonment,
and the decisiveness they have caused,
bleed from my skin into the fibers of my clothes.
i am no longer clean.
i do not feel pure.

to my severed arm and shortened tendons:
destruction is merely another side of life.
out of disappearance comes all things-
without space, there would be nothing to contain us,
nothing to allow and enfold our beings' spirits,
and they would sputter and cease like my love's flame.
i am no longer yours.
i do not feel full.

to the farthest star that my eyes can see:
your light reaches me- i glimpse you!
in the perceived emptiness between us
there is no distance to be found;
around us exists the infinite potential for
further connection and deeper growth in closeness.
i am no longer alone.
i do not feel sorrow.
  Jan 2015 Mikaela Vega
Love her like
She's the raging sea,
Unrestrained and dark and deep.
And you crave her touch
Through aching pores
As you slowly drown in sleep.

Love her like
She's the tender storm,
A lovely shade of grey.
Like with every whiff
Of breath she takes,
She's taking yours away.

Love her like
She's the silent clouds
With calmness floating by.
Like you'd want to make
Sweet love to her
Under the moon's apocalyptic eye.

Love her like
She's the blazing fire,
And you lust the candied pain.
Like she's the disease
That swallowed you whole
And you'd like to die again.

When her gentle touch
Makes your chest explode,
And your addiction is your girl.
Promise you'll love her
Through hell and back,
Or don't you dare love her at all.
  Dec 2014 Mikaela Vega
Billions of years before humanity
Before Neanderthal fell on the scene
Before the big lush trees and falling greens
Before the protoplasm spasmodic things
The intermittent glowing growing proteins
Before there was darkness and empty space of potential
Before there was dense matter waiting to explode
Expanding mass waiting to flow
Ever outwards were stars would grow
What came before the big bang
Is what I would like to know?
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