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Rachel Mena Jan 2017
A final breath
And comes the light
My soul to You
It takes its flight

This light I see
I’ve seen before
When on my knees
You, I adore

Within the sun
Of shining gold
Behold the One
Who holds our world

Through the Son
Is to the Father
He holds my hand
And leads me farther

Into the light
Into the Host
Accompanied by
His Holy Ghost

He pulls me home
Within the light
A familiar feeling
A glorious sight
First time in my whole life
Over twenty years of my existence
Realizing how beautiful life is
Even there are many hardships
Visiting good memories with someone
Elevate my mind, heart and soul
Realizing no matter what happen in life
More and more good memories will come
On the right time and the right place
Raising my life to **God Almighty
Existence is my greatest blessing forevermore.
I am thankful of who I am and what I am right now.  We are really blessed for our existence. Giving this optimistic poem for those who suffers pain and hardships. God give us challenges to be strong in everyday life.
JoriElizabeth Nov 2015
The weight of my flesh controlling my future is death. The rotting bones that hold me up is a constant reminder of my brokenness. And to Him I give my nothingness of a being.

An empty vessel. Blood sweat and tears. Bundled in fears. Keep falling. What's to be my future?
Lord YOU know me.
You seek me, even when I run from you.
You know me, even when I've lost my own identity.
In you I can breathe.
In you I can live.
In you I am loved.
You mold me and shape me.
You call me daughter and you love me.
cynthia Jul 2015
light fades to darkness
creeps in and over shadows
is it just me?
does the world seem to be growing
ever so darker?
ever so colder?

The Almighty Beacon
lights up the darkness
the ways of the world slow you down

picture: sunshine on your face
the warm touch of millions of sunny fingertips
caress me
caress you

picture: fields of open air
the aroma of lavender and lemongrass
serenity amiss distress

your troubles are overwhelming
your thoughts are never quieted
the world has you crippled in anxiety

We are not the world we live in
so many fail to realize
I have submitted by submission
my supplication

To serve but One
To love none short of All
I'm amidst an explosion
as is all of Being
we are exploding

Marisa Lu Makil Jun 2015
I love
My God
Because when I am upset
And depressed
And angry
And a swirling
Swirling tornado
Of emotions

And I say to Him,
"God, save me, I'm drowning"
He saves me.

And when life is so dim that I can't
A foot in front of me
And I am falling fast
Through the dark
I can feel
Feel His arms
Bearing me up
Wrapping me up
In the most comforting
Hug imaginable.
I love my God. ^-^
Marisa Lu Makil Jun 2015
I've been
I keep thinking
That things can't possibly
Get worse
             And then they do.

If I think
That things can't get any better,
Then they will.
I'm still broken
But I have my good days.
God is taking care of me.
All I know is I'm getting better.
But surely
I'm healing.
:) Today I'm actually doing alright. God is good.
Jennifer Weiss May 2015
You were never meant
to build dams.
So what flows to you,
should flow through
share the blessings.
Lía Sep 2014
still silence,
solemn darkness
broken only
by shouts of
and murmurs of

burst of white
from which daggers
of light

imagine the Psalms
would’ve written
if he could’ve seen

This is your work,
Your creation.
You are everywhere,
in everything.
In the vast silence
of space,
our galaxy is but a speck,
one bulb
on your strand
of Christmas lights,
and our earth
is even more miniscule.
You stand on the outside
of this glory,
surveying your work.
“All of creation
sings His name”—
how many times have I heard,
but paid no heed?
It’s true, though,
now I see.

how can they say
this all manifested
from a bang?
my English teacher showed us a 30 minute video consisting of pictures of various stars and galaxies.  he told us to write about what we saw.  this is the result.
Stephanie Lynn Aug 2014
even the bible tells us
"there is a friend closer than a brother"
it's as if God knew
we were to find each other
i cannot imagine what my life would be
if there were no you for me
every day is a song
every moment is a lyric
and when we tell the tales of our lives
i won't ever tire to hear it
you see best friends are more than friends
because it's a special bond
even when things go wrong
it's never broken
to have you in my life means i'm lucky
to have you love me means i'm blessed
to have you by my side
my ride or die
through every trial
through every test
when life gets so hard
when it's so hard to rest
when there's the rise and fall in my chest
you're there

you're always there

...and that makes you the best
Written for my best friend that means more to me than anything in this world. He has been with me through thick and thin and if  he was never around, I probably wouldn't be either. He is truly a Godsend. Words don't do my feelings any justice, so this will just have to do.
I love you Junior.

(C) Maxwell 2014

— The End —