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Rachel Mena Nov 2019
My heart has seen the day
That my eyes have only dreamed
But now as dull as clouded sky
My heart misses your beats

Focused on within
Distracted from without
Cluttered minds and sleepless nights
A fumbled distant bout

My heart has seen the day
No longer met by sight
Muted colors faded tones
In this all, You're right

My heart has known the day
In this I must hold tight
When fickle feelings come to play
Reposture towards His might
Rachel Mena Nov 2019
Which direction does peace take
When who you love is at stake
When divided roads become the foe
Of all the heart does not know

One step alone to leave the rest
Can the soul withstand this test
Not out of fear, reason, or hate
But discernment guided from heaven's gate

With decisions of love and freedom of choice
Comes a quiet whisper of a quieter voice
Love could mean coming, staying, or going
Regardless love will mean a peace in unknowing

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid."
-John 14:27
Rachel Mena Nov 2019
Reach out and seek His hand
The day has turned to night
Darkness impairs vision's skills
Let Him be your sight

Even in the night there is nourishment
Even in the dark there is growth
The hope of morning perceivably far
He is with you as you go

Loneliness surrounds
As deep as night's despair
Can someone who seems so far
In this all be near?

As dawn begins to glow
Misted eyes of dew
The journeyed body's painting
Old has turned to new

Even in the day there is suffering
Even in the light there is pain
Illuminate all these miseries
Beloved, He calls by name
Rachel Mena Nov 2019
Sudden turns
You come first
Change your mind
Ignore the hurt

On or off
Night or day
Black or white
No room for gray

A kind word
A falling tear
Paralyzing fear

No time for dawnings
Or colored days' turnings
Evening shade
Or rising mornings

Gradience dies
Contrast is born
Shadows black
Against the sun

Tidal waves
Desert dry
Every low
Every high

Sudden turns
You come first
Change your mind
Ignore the hurt
Rachel Mena Jan 2017
A final breath
And comes the light
My soul to You
It takes its flight

This light I see
I’ve seen before
When on my knees
You, I adore

Within the sun
Of shining gold
Behold the One
Who holds our world

Through the Son
Is to the Father
He holds my hand
And leads me farther

Into the light
Into the Host
Accompanied by
His Holy Ghost

He pulls me home
Within the light
A familiar feeling
A glorious sight
Rachel Mena Sep 2016
I ask for peace
and You hold my hand.
I ask for mercy
and next to me You stand.
I ask for truth
and I drink from Your cup.
I ask for love
and You show up.

You say You are faithful
though I do not believe
for I ask for all these things
but You say You're all I need.

But when I picture peace
is it not Your hand in mine?
And when mercy is my desire
is it not a craving for Your time?
When truth is in question
do I not yearn for Your Word?
And when Love become the answer
is that not found in You, Lord?

You tell me You are faithful
as I begin to see
that all these things I long for
are all that You would be.
Rachel Mena Oct 2015
I am restless
and constant
unable to pause

I am fearful
and lost
without my Lord

I am running
in circles
and thinking so short

I am lonely
and useless
My will has no sort

I am peaceful
and worthy
Your will is my fort

I am running
straight forward
and changing the world

I am joyful
and loved
when with my Lord

I am passionate
and moved
unable to pause
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