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Moli Quill Sep 2022
I opened my heart
Right from the start
In my fear of rejection I spoke
I wanted you to know
My true feelings
My pure intentions,
To find your heart
And keep your heart
It feels Authentic
It feels  real
I pictured our life together
I pictured it a Happily ever after

But this pain is unreal
This feels like I've been stabbed by an invisible knife
And invisible blood running down my chest
And as the tears run down my face
Thinking of your face
I moaned in pain

And silently in my room
I wiped my tears
Layed down, looked to the ceiling
And whisper to myself
"So this is what a heartbreak feels like"

I hate it!
I hate it!

In summary we broke up!
Moli Quill Apr 2021
The world today is different
Not as it was as the present
The moment of joy and chaos and peace
Are different, why is that so?
To what extent is a point view true?
For we know the truth is obsolete
the world wants all view obsolete
Even if it's a lie to the teeth
Do you let the media dictate your views?
Do you let social media dictate you?
Are you a picture on facebook
But in front of a mirror you cant look
I see a community online
But in real life all are offline

A Mirror reflects the thing in front of it
Your views reflect a certain lie in it
Until proven to be the absolute truth

I see a world view that is scary
And I will think for myself
And examine my views
With the truth that is obsolete

Moli Quill Aug 2020
I haven't written in ages
I should've tried today
This is not a poem
It's a confession

I wish there was a poet therapist
and on the poet therapist tombstone
Would be written
"Here lies someone who
Thought they knew art tho!"
Moli Quill Apr 2019
I apologize for my words too hash
I stepped on your dreams and hash tags
I crossed every line broken all bonds
Of togetherness

I confess i have kept away from you
Not for the purpose of your purpose

But for one single thing
Its ..... its
Your a b*#@%
Moli Quill Apr 2019
To the Great And Mighty I AM
Creator of the Universe The Holy One
The beauty of your Love Enthroned
The King of Kings
The Lord of Lords

At the feet of your Righteous throne
I humbly come before you...torn
Torn from the trenches of this world
All praises be to you My Savior
For you have healed my torn out heart

You Oh Holy One
In the Name of Jesus  Amen
Moli Quill Jun 2018
beaming for morning
awakening from slumbering

the author
                    ..... slowly drifts
                                                             .... the stove
it was a misty morning
and a heavy rain falling

the author

                   ..... the kettle slowly rattles on the stove

and the water boils

stove turns off
cup, water, coff....
As the hot water touches the coffee the air is covered in coffee aroma

the author touches
cup of coffee
And the morning starts ;)
Moli Quill Apr 2018
when the eye shutters are closed
I find myself adrift in sweet rest
And like a movie I appeared

the sun had already sunk from the horizon
and the glow of the evening can be seen

In a Forest unknown
yet to me its known
the stillness in the air
was spiritually sadder
in a clearing surrounded
by pine trees I stood
and watched a group of people
surrounding a casket
it was a funeral
As I was watching
a still small voice in my head
it said
"The person who just died is Holy
A man of God"

As soon as the last words were spoken
The sky among the pines exploded
Shooting stars were the dying mans hymns
The colors in the sky
Is unexplained
there were regulars stars
within the shooting stars
different shapes and sizes
billions of stars flying at the same time
and then there were colors
there are some colors that
I have never seen before
and its impossible to describe it
From my spiritual sub conscience
I cried
praise be to God

As soon as these words
were spoken
one of the shooting stars fell
down to the ground
a few meters away from me
the people who were mourning
saw it fell so they started searching
searching for that fallen star
but they couldn't find it
I was the only one who could see it
it glowed and pulsed like a heart beat
I walked to the fallen star and knelt
i knelt down and touched it
as soon as my fingers disappeared
among its glows
the same still small voice spoke
" Give your life to God"
the star glowed brighter
then it disappeared and the place was quieter

the people and the stars all disappeared
I was still kneeling in the same place
then i saw someone walking up to me
dressed in Melanesian cultural clothing
leafs padanus mats surround his hips
carrying a boar i watched him walk past me
then out of nowhere a group of fishermen
arrived carrying a fishing net they walked
in a straight line each lined up holding
that long fishing net

then i decided to help the fishermen
so i joined them bear the load

i woke up......
this was a dream of mine. I woke up in the morning and was filled with the spirit of God.....if you don't believe me that's fine!! only the wise will know the meaning of this dream.. i had it @ 2016 and i wrote because i saw a collection  that Apricot Created Dreams Real or Imagined
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