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Carl D'Souza Aug 25
I take a bite
of a ****** and chocolate
and chew
pungent ******
and sweet chocolate;
soft crumbly cookie pieces
roll over my tongue
as I chew;
my mouth waters
and the flavours
of spicy ****** and delectable chocolate
mix in my mouth.
weather to
borrow but
the kitty
and salvation
are mine
hereto financial
devotee in
fray so
deep save
a grinder
and a
mollusk with
romance but
glance the
dance sojourn
put in
her pants
Duffy's in the point
TD May 2017
danger beguiles.
No piercing vow
deters the anomalist.

blurs encapsulating
the murky depths.
Thrown caution sighs invitingly.

creatures glean
pliant, translucent.
Pungent, the gratifying sting--
a certainty foretold.
Inspired by:

— The End —