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Kuzhur Wilson Mar 2021
I had only contempt for him.
An Amul baby, all the way.
I made fun of him
At newsrooms and in debates.

One such day,
I was at my best
Finding faults and laughing my heart out
At the expense of that Amul baby.

All of a sudden
A voice from nowhere
Pulled me down to earth,
And said thus.

You made fun of me, didn’t you?
You called me an Amul baby
That baby who gave its toothless smile
And made baby noises to its grandma,
Did you hear the sound of bullets
That punctured its soul?
When it ran, calling out to its father,
Did you find blood splattering on its little dress,
From a body that was blown to smithereens
Like a chain of firecrackers?

That voice was
Dripping water on me,
Blown, burnt and scattered as I was.

My blistered contempt
Has a lingering slight irritation now.

#Rahul Gandhi
#Rahul Gandhi
Pots, pans and plates
Pots, pans

And the larder
A ghost house

The larder
Stocked with oats and rice

And when it is time to cook
And then the gas stove is lit for
A feast

Pots, pans and plates
- Rows of jars line
The windowsill

Preserves, chutneys, jams
Preserves, chutneys
- and mango atchar

That reminds me
Of India
Oh! Lord Gandhi!
james nordlund Aug 2020
We know there's a world within one drop of water.
Like God's tear, a trillion ton ice-cube dropped
in the drink, heating the oceans over time,
submerging man's false-ego and polluting cities,
some say sublime.  Swim or sink people,
as acid red rain, falling from your closed eyes,
for they only see grey,
washes it all away.  What do climate crisis
denialists snort in retort,
who cares about holes in the clouds,
melting ice-cubes at the poles?

We also know there's a universe in our seas,
yet, only 2 global fisheries are left,
what of humanity bereft of that food?
When bees are extinct so will we be.
Seldom is a lone tear's story told,
yet Gandhi knew, laid out how the future unfolds.
Atom should not be split, Adam should not be cloned,
"the root of oppression lies in (supposed) science",
he foretold, 'from his lips to God's ears'.
Mahatma Gandhi quote above, in memoriam and celebration of India's Independence Day on 8-15-20.  Thanx to All for all you do; have a blessed day    :)   reality
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Santa Claus,
for Christmas, please,
don’t bring me toys, or games, or candy . . .
just . . . Santa, please,
I’m on my knees! . . .
please don’t let Jesus torture Gandhi!

Will Jesus Christ cause or allow Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi to be tortured in an "eternal hell" for guessing wrong about which earthly religion to believe? What about Jesus's parable of the Good Samaritan, who put aside religious differences to practice compassion? Did Jesus, who saved all his sternest criticism for hypocrites, talk the talk but fail to walk the walk? Or did Christian theologians get something very, very wrong? And what would Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny say about such intolerance and infinite cruelty?  Keywords/Tags: Christianity, Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, Christmas, heaven, hell, salvation, Gandhi, Hindu, saint, knees, kneeling, prayer, mercy, compassion, grace, toys, games, candy
Why today's world has became so violent?
Stronger tries to make weak silent.
Today GODSE had became ideal,
And GANDHI had became a idle.

We have gone down to such extent,
That values of religion had became bigger,
Than a life of a man.
We need to bring the change.
And teach the values of humanity before teaching the values of a religion.
Be a man before u had any religion
Qamar Zaman Sep 2019
Walking stick, || in his hand,
Firm stride, || his dream was grand.
Peace & freedom || was his quest,
His non-violent path, || is the best.
Learn from Bapu’s || lesson of peace,
End the world || of all pain & grief.
A test for us || lies today,
Will we walk || on his way?
Remembering & Reflecting on Gandhi's Birthday 2nd October. Short poem on Gandhiji for kids.
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2019
Let's **** Gandhi
Let's **** Gandhi

Again and Again
Multiple Times

Gandhi Must be killed
He deserves to be killed

Because he killed no one
Neither human nor animal

Collect all your weapons
Load missiles and guns

Get some good Gun powder
Quintals and tonnes of it

Make sure to **** this time
Be sure, you mustn't fail again

But can you really **** Gandhi
No you can't, I bet you can't

You already tried and retried
But Gandhi remained alive

Gandhi Never died
He will never ever die

Gandhi is not a person
Gandhi is thought

Gandhi is Philosophy
Gandhi is Lifestyle

Gandhi is Liberation
Gandhi is Struggle

Gandhi is Courage
Gandhi is Peace

Gandhi is Gentle
Gandhi is Strong

Gandhi is Treasure
Gandhi is Heritage

Gandhi is immortal
You fools are mortal
You don't have the right to assassinate even if you cant agree.

Whether Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)  needs to be assassinated again and again? Will he really die?
I have Two eyes ,He also two legs,
I rest on Chair,He also needed beds.

He passed the virtue while blessing with hand,
But I picked a  fight, while raising my hand.

He uttered truth only, opened when mouth,
and I talk a north, when doing a  South.

Gandhi is Gandhi and I am me How?
Difference is this much of Jackal and Cow.

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved
Vikram sikki Oct 2016
We are unstoppable when we are in control

Others may or may not know
What we have done
But only we know
What that meant

You have slept through nights
But it took few sleepless ones to do so
For comfort follows struggle

We have all won the fights,
we never fought

He did what he had to
He chose the way he lived
He chose the way he didn't have to live

Then a man
Now a lamp


It's Gandhi Jayanti
Let's be better
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi  
Young visitors in a gallery,
Stood before a portrait of Gandhiji,
Charmed by his toothless smile,
Eyes sparkling through glasses round
And an old watch dangling from his waist,
With his chest bare and a **** cloth
Covering his lean , frail frame.
While they wondered how the good old man
Could shake the mighty British empire
And fight without weapons of destruction,
They were thrilled to behold a vision rare -
The smiling  Gandhi emerged from the frame,
Saying that his weapons were invisible,
Yet, they could vanquish the most powerful
Without hatred and shedding no blood!
His loving voice and childlike smile
Combined with an unbending will,
Wielding the power of truth and nonviolence
Could conquer his mighty ruthless foes
And turn them into everloving friends!.
Feeling amazed, the visitors stared
At the Mahatma moving back into the frame;
Begged him to remain and lead them again.
"My countrymen," he said "seem to have forgotten,
" The bloodshed and horror of partition.
"Terrorists and fanatics **** and burn
" And innocent victims feel miserable and forlorn.
"Twice a year, on my 'samaadhi', flowers are strewn,
" While helpless millions struggle and groan.
"In these days of endless greed and senseless crime, "
"Guided missiles and misguided men,
" My words seem to have no relevance,
"Yet, if they listen to their own conscience,
" Give up greed and serve with compassion,
"The India of my dreams will arrive soon."
Sad and surprised, the visitors stared:
Though the figure vanished, his words inspired
And they resolved to follow his noble ways
And strive for the welfare of all mankind.
                  ***  M.G.Narasimha Murthy
Hyderabad, India.
Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on 30 Jan 1948. A memorable tribute came from Albert Einstein: "Generations to come will scarce believe that such a man as this ever in flesh and blood  walked upon this earth."
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