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Joseph Miller Jan 2020
I'm sorry for us all
searching for shelter
in a hail storm of lies
lost our faith
in the future
thinking our time
will be the end of time
so sad
it makes me wanna cry
can't be right
or left
don't know
who to believe
what to say
for all humanity
the beauty of nature
burning away
in blackened trees
we're surrounded
by the ashes
of limbs and leaves
so hard to see
but surely it's true
it's not too late
to rescue our fate
james nordlund Aug 2020
We know there's a world within one drop of water.
Like God's tear, a trillion ton ice-cube dropped
in the drink, heating the oceans over time,
submerging man's false-ego and polluting cities,
some say sublime.  Swim or sink people,
as acid red rain, falling from your closed eyes,
for they only see grey,
washes it all away.  What do climate crisis
denialists snort in retort,
who cares about holes in the clouds,
melting ice-cubes at the poles?

We also know there's a universe in our seas,
yet, only 2 global fisheries are left,
what of humanity bereft of that food?
When bees are extinct so will we be.
Seldom is a lone tear's story told,
yet Gandhi knew, laid out how the future unfolds.
Atom should not be split, Adam should not be cloned,
"the root of oppression lies in (supposed) science",
he foretold, 'from his lips to God's ears'.
Mahatma Gandhi quote above, in memoriam and celebration of India's Independence Day on 8-15-20.  Thanx to All for all you do; have a blessed day    :)   reality
Isn’t it funny how
Earth, forged from the universe
Will die by our hands?

— The End —