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It made myself freak
For magic words of
love , read and lyric
Which brought
Me a handy hat-trick
Thanks to all including Fawn,perry, cj love, carlo c gomez, jahanti khare, poorvi, katelyn, jamdhi, ben etc. for sharing so much of their works. The read is the most powerful word  and appreciation is the biggest reward .
World Poetry Day
A Languages Promotion Way

A Poet's Pride
Coz he never hide
Anything on his side

World's Guide
In knowing best
Fiction &
Regards to all HP Fellow Poets on our this special day i.e. today.
Why today's world has became so violent?
Stronger tries to make weak silent.
Today GODSE had became ideal,
And GANDHI had became a idle.

We have gone down to such extent,
That values of religion had became bigger,
Than a life of a man.
We need to bring the change.
And teach the values of humanity before teaching the values of a religion.
Be a man before u had any religion

— The End —