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Kuzhur Wilson Mar 2021
I had only contempt for him.
An Amul baby, all the way.
I made fun of him
At newsrooms and in debates.

One such day,
I was at my best
Finding faults and laughing my heart out
At the expense of that Amul baby.

All of a sudden
A voice from nowhere
Pulled me down to earth,
And said thus.

You made fun of me, didn’t you?
You called me an Amul baby
That baby who gave its toothless smile
And made baby noises to its grandma,
Did you hear the sound of bullets
That punctured its soul?
When it ran, calling out to its father,
Did you find blood splattering on its little dress,
From a body that was blown to smithereens
Like a chain of firecrackers?

That voice was
Dripping water on me,
Blown, burnt and scattered as I was.

My blistered contempt
Has a lingering slight irritation now.

#Rahul Gandhi
#Rahul Gandhi
Àŧùl Nov 2019
You don't get wise with last molar teeth,
Owl Baba is a living proof of the theory.

You can buy shooting medals,
And even a black belt in Aikido.
A sarcastic Indian political pun.
My HP Poem #1797
©Atul Kaushal
Megha gupta Aug 2018
I can't wait..
Yes i am desperate..
I am cranky..
I think opportunity's are late...
Someone told me..  
' for the success'
I have to wait..
Until it comes...
Until the very date..
But i am desperate..
Life can be ornate..
Live at every moment..
Grief can be won by laughing..
Success can be await..
Then why i am so desperate..
Maybe i want to live tomorrow..
don't want to live in today 's date..
Thats the reason i can't explain..
Cause i am confused..
About at such a success rate..
I  can't look behind..
And think about only straight..
I can't wait..
I am desperate..
Maybe one day..
I will succeed..
Then the memories will fall short..
And i will curse the fate..
So let's talk today..
I think i should ask u all..
What should i love..
what should i hate..
I can't wait..
Yes i am desperate...

— The End —