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I wonder, do you ever wonder?
How far we have come along.
With all those fights and in all those thunder.
We managed to live so long.
You made mistakes and yes I did blunder.
Still, we forgave, as we know where we belong.
I remember, you remember how we met at first.
It wasn't the best nor the worst.
We were happy keeping alive the thirst
Looking back, I see us in each day submerged.
looking back on how we have survive so much and still together.
EM Lisard Mar 2
You may not have deserved it, you may have deserved it after all.
But everyday is a new day.
You are only human.
You needed to grow from this too.
Wishing my pain on to you will not end the cycle of your carelessness.
I know my heart now.
Amanda Mar 2019
I am no longer mad at you
I forgave you a long time ago
I just know you will never change
That's why I had to let you go
I am not mad at you. I am just tired.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
There was a girl stuck in the mire and the muck
No one thought of her very much

They used
They abused
They did all they could do
To keep her down in that stew

Yet she forgave
She wouldn't cave
She still put good out
In the mists of her doubt

But she was still shunned
When she become undone
She would leave scars
Her body was marred

But still she pushed on
Hoping she was wrong
That love would shine
But love always left behind
More anger, and wounds
She was leaving soon

And one very lonely day
She decided she couldn't stay
She left her world of gray
She dusted off her wings, and just flew away

— The End —