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Please pray
for the loss of my uncle.
The way he
was horrible.
Drug for him were always
a struggle.
And now
his parents have to
put together
the death puzzle.
Please pray
for my grandparents,
and for all those
who need to deal with losing loved ones
Please pray for my grandparents and for my family. The loss of my father's brother, my uncle, came unexpectedly.
For all the water which poured out slow
And was wasted on such hollow words
I should not wish for myself at least
I should not waste
I should wish for her
Gosh... Finding this... Remembering this. Really makes me happy. (:
Walking down the hall i have to hold my hand down,
To prevent it from punching someone clean across town,
Don't throw the first blow,
Cause i would like to let you know,
I don't just hold a grudge,
If u try to intimidate me i won't budge,
Cause my blood is a flood of wrath,
War and hate is my favorite path,
Me and pain are the best of friends,
Who helps me meet all my ends,
So come and fight me,
But like most you will only see,
It's hard to hide my greatest monster,
I don't care if your an orphan or foster,
My cold heart shed all its tears and now is just stone,
Punch me and i won't even change my tone,
Because i love to taste tears and blood,
I don't care if you are the schools greatest stud,
I'll put you six feet under without a care,
When your blows won't even raise my hair.
Crow's Hateful Side
The one in pain and Violent Tendencies
We all have them just for others it's almost inhumane
When you want their soul,
What personality they take on,
As their life's special tole,
Look into their eyes.
Of course,
I am basing this off of somebody,
But this is for everybody
Gift this following to a person you like:
Eyes so precious,
Even on the inside luscious,
I wouldn't take a brush to this,
Your already art,
A sculpture in part,
You make anyone whole,
Make their heart beat from the start,
A shard of glass,
Giving the sun pass,
And outshine a rainbow,
Stream of joy from head to toe,
You make my jaw drop,
From the top to bottom,
A work of fiction,
Imagination's beauty,
The imperfect
Yet perfect,
I don't know when valentines day is, but I hope I am not too late.  Btw, I want to practice, so tell me a topic you'd want me to write about in the comments.
Stubborn and cross,
Gross, and seldom lost.
Thank you for holding my hand,
On New Years.
I guess it meant a lot to me.

You’re writings have been an inspiration,
Much so that I feel like I won’t have a dream of my own.
I would follow yours to the end of the earth though,
Because much like you I
I am awfully beautiful,
Stubborn, and cross
Gross, and mostly lost.
I’m afraid that I do this all the time. I’m worried i’m Infatuated with another person. But they always have potential to mean so much to me, and I don’t know if that’s wrong or not.
Johnny walker Feb 10
Sometimes I have taken a step back to the past year to the shear Impact that the loss of my sweetheart has had on
me and how deeply It's affected me

And my life alone so far I suppose In truth I've crawled back Into my shell to try and shelter myself on such a devastating Impact

Has had on my life to date times when a part of me wants to move on trying create a new beginning but
In truth, Helen was so strong In

But more Importantly still has now such a powerful Influence on my life and decisions In the way that's good for

But also does give a purpose to help me through the loneliness the more difficult days since her passing just an amazing love for each other that
In the reality

I know could never be equalled by any other the need to hold on to her memory Is so Important even though gone Helen still has a grip on my

Through me she survives In my dreams and memories that will be sufficient to see me through to the end of
Thoughts if how I'll deal with the loss of  Helen sometimes love has the strength to carry the one left behind through to the be end of days
My words have followed me though the years
From adolescent love to the pains of womanhood
Stuffed between pages,notebooks
In binsand book bags
Concealed within pockets of purses
Jotted_down notes on my cell phone
The passion, the agony,and ultimately,my awakening
Have been ther
Always hinting, always reminding
This is who I've been, who I am
Time will show
the path
fit for me.
My only hope is that
it puts us
Then I'll be both happy
and lucky.
CROW Feb 8
A love without life,
A Dead min with no wife,
A world without a spin,
Not a single soul within,
Despair the loss of all it had,
Being lifeless only seems more bad,
No love without life,
Though no days without strife,
Breath in the air,
Love doesn't only take a pair,
For Fawn -- A Devoted Fellow Poet
gabrielle Feb 8
d o   n o t   f o r g e t
t o   e x p r e s s  y o u r   d e e p e s t  g r a t i t u d e
i n   a n y   w a y s   p o s s i b l e
b e c a u s e   t h e y   h a v e   a p p r e c i a t e d   y o u
fact 6 - as far as i have known myself, i am a selfless person
the kind where if everybody around me is okay then i am okay too
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